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Fantasy Draft time!

I have my fantasy draft in less than an hour and I am more than anxious to get it going! I’m going to go with the draft day philosophy that has helped me for the last six years… Go with what I know. I don’t need to study someone else’s draft boards. I know who is good and who sucks. There’s always that freak chance element like the year I drafted Daunte Culpepper and he sucked. I think he was costing my team 20 points a week. BRU-TAL.

Last year, I listened to my dad telling me to pick Reggie Bush. “You gotta get him, he’s going to be good!” Yeah, not until week 12. This year, I’m not listening to anyone.

Another formula I tend to go with is drafting Patriots players. Sure, I’m biased, but when it comes to the lesser known players, I know what ALL the players on the Patriots can do. I’m never wrong. There was no demand for Asante Samuel last year and he had an excellent fantasy season for me.

I just love fantasy football. For me, it makes every game as exciting as a Patriots’ game. I think it helps me stay involved in the goings on of the entire NFL. So excited!

Who’s on your fantasy team?


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  1. Good Luck with your Draft . I must say the best formula is to always pick for yourself. The computer just does not have a clue. My Team this year looks pretty good

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