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Solid Advice: Don’t hotlink to my images while rooting for the Yankees

Swollenpickles has been discussing image hotlinking recently and I’ve mentioned my own bouts with hotlinkers in the past. Swollenpickles’ recent trouble inspired me to check my own stats and I quickly spotted the usual offenders – Myspacers.

Really, I don’t care that much and I’ll usually just rename the file UNLESS, of course, it’s a Yankees fan, hotlinking one of my photos to boast about A-Rod’s awesomeness.

Yep, I also found some Yankees fan using a photo from my Yankees Suck page in a post on an “Official Yankees 2007 Thread”. Really, that’s just BEGGING for trouble. 😀


Angela’s Post Draft Round up!


And it’s on! Patriots play TODAY!


  1. That’s awesome. Who knows how long they’ll let it go, too.

    Good call.

  2. You should have seen what I did when a Denver Broncos fan was stealing one of my photos and slamming the Patriots

  3. How do you tell if something is being hot linked?

  4. Ha ha I like it ! Nice and smart !

    Ernie : you can check your server logs and see if some images have a strange referrer on them. Btw. I love your blog !

  5. gambitNJ69

    Yeah ARod really sucks, thats why he is leading in HR’s over that fat *F* in Boston

  6. Thanks Becky!

  7. Gambit, please note, I did not say Arod sucks, I said he is gay. 😀

  8. It was easy for me to identify the hotlinkers Ernie because they’d also ripped off my content as well.

  9. Those Denver fans…they’ll never learn!

  10. Myspace is made from evil just a bunch of dumb noobs that don’t know how to make a site. That’s a really good hotlink image.

  11. well bandwidth theft is cruel but you shouldn’t go that far 😛

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