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And it’s on! Patriots play TODAY!

Today begins my 13th Year as a Patriots Psycho Fan. I began watching our boys back in the days of Drew Bledsoe, Ben Coates and “Big Play” Willie Clay. I started watching back before Curtis Martin became the devil.

I endured the Peter Carroll Years when a Kordell Stewart-led Pittsburgh Steelers seemed to have the Patriots number. I even remember an old friend of mine was angry that the Patriots hired Bill Belichick, or “Beli-chicken” as he called him, over his personal favorite Marty Shottenheimer. Can you imagine?!

I’ve dumped guys who have denounced the Patriots and I’ve nearly quit jobs just to watch games. My dad makes sure to let me know the suffering longtime fans had to endure to fully enjoy the team’s current success.

I’ve spent the last few months literally counting the days until today’s kickoff.

So if you asked me, “Angela, are you ready for the new Patriots season?” I’d say, yes, most definitely.

Like my dad always says, “Enjoy this moment because before we know it, the season will be over.”

Stupid baseball fans and their super long seasons. 😀


Solid Advice: Don’t hotlink to my images while rooting for the Yankees


NFL Kickoff Sunday (‘cuz you know I have something to say)


  1. Woooooooo! Look at Moss go!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed game 1! That bomb that Brady threw to Moss had me jumping around the room.

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