I spy with my little eye… a big pile of bullshit

So it’s the talk of ESPN, the Patriots are accused of videotaping signals at yesterday’s game. I will firmly believe this is crap until the content of this tape is revealed.

#1 – Teams are allowed to have their own videographers on the field. Until it is known what is on the tape, I can only assume that it was not spying.

#2 – The news originated from a Jets website. Clearly, that’s not an impartial source.

#3 – If they got caught doing this in Green Bay last year, why wasn’t it top news like it is now?

#4 – The assumption that they were doing this in Green Bay last year was because the cameraman didn’t have the full credentials required to record on the sidelines. If the Patriots were to be filming opposing team’s signals, wouldn’t they make sure that their cameraman had the proper credentials to at make him look official and legal?

#5 – In the ESPN story, a member of the NFL’s Competition Committee who wanted to remain anonymous said that the Patriots do this all the time…. hmmm, isn’t Colts’ GM and bonafide Patriots hater Bill Polian on the Competition Committee? AND, AGAIN, if they do this all the time, why is this the first we’re hearing of it?

Like I said, I won’t rule it out, I just need proof, but seriously, it seems incredibly outlandish and unnecessary. Seeing is believing.

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  1. It seems to me that if their signals weren’t so easily deciphered, it wouldn’t matter if they were taped or not. Maybe they just need to be more creative with their terminology. 😉

  2. Like you said I’ll believe it when I see it but right now this whole thing seems like a big pile of nothing. If it turns out to be a real story, I will be surprised.

  3. You’re right. This is the single weirdest story I’ve heard so far this season. The guy on ESPN reported the story as if it had been confirmed. And I believe he said something like “The Patriots would be in big trouble.”
    I hope they don’t get grounded or lose their allowance for a week.
    So weird.

  4. I was also reading that it came up in Detroit as well a while back. Here is my question: if it has come up before, more than once, why on God’s green earth would they be stupid enough to be *that* obvious to keep doing it?! You’re going to tell me that in this day & age of high tech, sensitive equipment, that if they were going to be videotaping opponents’ signs to steal them, they couldn’t find a more subtle way to do it from somewhere completely inconspicuous? Especially after having fingers pointed in the past?

    If it turns out to be true, then I am embarrassed for & disappointed by these actions. But right now it sure does seem like a lot of struggling teams whining & making excuses.

  5. Hahahahahahah, it figures, time to take down the cheating being done by all NE teams… Cry foul all you want, but obviously it is now being proven as to why The Patriots win so much!!! DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!!!!!!

  6. seems like a lot of haterade going on…
    plus these are loser teams anyway Lions, Packers, Jets! come on…

  7. I just read this over on The Patriot Act, and think it poses some interesting points:

    The Patriots allegedly stole signals during the Detroit and Green Bay games last year. Teams’ opponents are set by the league through 2009. The Patriots don’t play either the Lions or the Packers until at least 2010. The signals will be worthless by then (even if Matt Millen is still GM in Detroit). Why would you steal signals via videotape? What’s the plan? Sell the tapes on eBay?

    So what about stealing signals for use in the current game?

    There’s nothing you can get in the heat of the action with a video camera that you can’t get with a pair of binoculars.

  8. This story reminds me of the Tom Brady knocks up Gisele Brasdasdlken story that came out several months ago. A bunch of sites that are all about generating hits but not necessarily facts caused a big uproar over that ‘story’ then the whole thing turned out to be false and totally untrue. The silence that followed was deafening. No ‘oops we were wrong’ statements or anything. Now months later I still hear stories about how Tom goes around knocking up super-models. Annoying and ridiculous.

    So many times these kinds of things are just nothing but pure gossip speculation and nonsense, plus wishful thinking by some Pats haters.. I’ll believe it when I see a league confirmation.

  9. When I went to Ohio State several years ago, ESPN became so hated that the athletic director actually told ESPN that they were not welcome to have Gameday on Campus. As I have been away from Ohio State for a while, I can’t say how sentiment has changed.

    I’ve had a longer running antipathy for ESPN because of its proclivity for sensationalizing news or reporting rumors as facts just to get the jump on other sports reporting outlets. I’m not a journalist, but I imagine schools teach some ethics.

    I haven’t watched ESPN (at least the news portion) for a long time and I’m not missing anything.

  10. Oh come on, no surprise here. With a certain amount of undenied success, the press will attack. This is the typical nature of our society. No reason to be alarmed.

    It’s the freakin JETS. Even if the Pats are guilty, they would have still won by a landslide.

  11. This should be a non-issue. The Patriots did it… but so does everyone else. This stuff happens in pro football. Some other cheating methods that are used by most…

    -Stick-um being used on receiver gloves – EVERYONE
    -Pumping in crowd noise to make it harder for opposing quarterbacks to audible and for players to hear the cadence – EVERY TEAM IN A DOME
    -Low blows and chop blocks – MOST

    I’ve even heard of players going as far as soaking jerseys in vaseline so that they are harder to grab, linemen taping brass nuckles uner their gloves, and people poking eyes while in a pile-up.

    Any athlete or team that can find a competitive edge… WILL USE IT!

  12. Author: Angela
    It had nothing to do with Chad Pennington’s injury or much of the Jets game because the cameraman was nabbed in the first quarter.


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