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NFL Kickoff Sunday (‘cuz you know I have something to say)

Yesterday was such a wonderful day of football and I’m not just saying that because my Patriots won. 😀

But since I mentioned the Patriots – my GOD! So THAT’S what Tom Brady looks like when he has an actual wide receiver. I am still in awe after nearly 24 hours have passed at how effortless Randy Moss makes playing football look. The Patriots offense looked like a well-oiled machine!

Also, I will never, ever, ever again question Chad Pennington’s toughness. His ankle got bent and squished in ways that no human extremity ever should and yet he hobbled off, was taped up, and returned to lead his team down the field. That’s tough and that earns my respect, unlike the sad sacks that call themselves Jets fans. I hope the Jets lose every game this season for no other reason than their fans are a bunch of assholes (not that I needed to see them cheering the injury to their QB to know that). I think my dad and I, both Official Jets Haters, were more worried about the extent of Pennington’s injury than his own “fans.” The Football Gods see all, you jerks.

And most importantly, the Patriots came away clean. In fact, I don’t think Brady’s uniform even needs to be washed! The practically untouched condition of our #1 guy is huge after watching the Patriots’ Week 2 opponent San Diego get thrashed around by Chicago.

Is there a meaner defense than Chicago?! What a shame that they’re going nowhere thanks to a completely confused offense. Every time the Chicago offense was on the field, they looked confused, everything looked labored and painful, nothing was smooth. Even the best defense in the world isn’t going to be able to overcome a bajillion turnovers.

This is going to be one really long week. What’s worse, next week’s Patriots game is on Sunday night. BOO! I hate primetime games. 🙁


And it’s on! Patriots play TODAY!


I spy with my little eye… a big pile of bullshit


  1. mad-knits

    that was a great game! it will seem like an eternity until the next game…..

  2. gambitNJ69

    If you knew anything then you would know we were cheering because Chad Pennigton is just as AWEFUL as Vinnie Testicle! We want him gone and give the backup QB who was awesome during the preseason the FT Job!! Pennington is a LOSER who cannot give the Jets a winning season!

  3. Cheering an injury is sick, no matter who it is, and I stand by my opinion that Jets fans are assholes. End of story.

    By the way, if the backup is so great, how come he didn’t score any points when he was put in the game?

  4. gambitNJ69

    Oh please, Mass fans are JUST as bad, Patriots and Red Sox fans are ASSHOLES more so!

  5. If I ever saw a Patriot fan cheering a Patriots getting hurt, I’d say they were assholes too.

  6. Go Steelers! 😉

  7. When I saw Pennington go down, even though he is playing for the opposition, I was concerned for him. You never want to see any player hurt.

    Pretty pathetic that so called Jets ‘fans’ would react like that to one of their own players getting hurt, esp the starting QB. That’s a great way to show support for your team and it’s players.. Lame.

  8. How can you be so down on Chad Pennington? You DON’T HAVE a better quarterback and Pennington isn’t all that bad. If you are talking about Kellen Clemens, he’s at least another year from being ready to start (if ever). Let’s not forget that this is a guy that’s thrown 10 career regular season passes (completing 5). Not exactly someone I’d give up on chad pennington for. Let’s also remember that besides being tough, Pennington was also efficient – 17 of 21 for 167 yards and 2 td’s with no int’s. Pretty solid numbers for a guy that was playing against a tough Patriots defense (with a great secondary). Why boo him?

    But yes, I’ll agree that Clemens had a good preseason.. I also think you put too much weight on that. First, it’s preseason, games don’t count and most players show it by not playing to their full potential unless their job is on the line… Second, he was playing against SECOND STRING defenses.

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