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For the first time since 1991, it really sucks to be a Patriots fan

spyThis whole spying thing has effectively ruined my week. I’m pissed.

I’m pissed because I made a jackass out of myself by making excuses.

I’m pissed because the Patriots are in no way the only team that does this but I guess with continued success comes increased scrutiny. And don’t tell me other teams don’t do it – just watch any NFL coach calling plays, they look like mafia guys chatting outside knowing there’s FBI agents watching their every move.

I’m pissed because, now the LaDainian Tomlinsons of the world can sit on their high horse.

I’m pissed because something that gives such a minor advantage is going to taint everything I have cheered and celebrated for the last 13 years.

I’m pissed because, no matter how hard they try, I think this is going to affect the players’ performance this coming Sunday.

I’m pissed because I can’t even enjoy the great game they had last Sunday.

I’m pissed because now Colts fans can have the last laugh, and why wouldn’t they? If things were reversed, I’d be doing the same.

My boyfriend made the best point – “In baseball, they always spy on the catchers. ‘Oh look! They’re gonna throw the fastball!’ So they know it’s coming… but they still have to hit the fucking thing.”

So what’s a Pats fan like me to do?

From around Patriots Nation:

We’ve All Been Cheated @ Patriots Daily. “The events of the last few days have also revealed the league-wide contempt for the Patriots. Remember the days of the Cowboys with the “America’s Team” crap, and how reviled they were for it? That’s the Patriots now.”

Commenter Jameros on The Patriots Act says, “The thing is, signals change week to week, the amount of plays teams use during a single game is huge, and this actually giving some sort of huge advantage is ludicrous. Plays even change as the defense tries to read what the offense is doing. Is this illegal and dumb? Yes.”

Jeff at Pats Fan Blog makes great points including, “One positive can be taken from this incident, however. Now, the Patriots don’t need motivation to play this year. Now, they won’t have to find opportunities to dig deep. They’ve been labeled cheaters, and the rest of the league thinks very little of them. If the point of this exercise was to give an already dangerous team motivation to win, then consider it done. I feel bad for San Diego, because it won’t be pretty next week.”

Brace for the worst, Pats fans. At least we’re in it together.


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  1. Amen. I am so disenchanted. When ESPN “broke the news” at 6pm, I felt sick. Then just before I went to be, the NFL spokesman pretty much said “Whoa, wait just one second. *We* never said anything. No determination has been made. The Patriots have not been notified. When it’s official, you’ll hear it from *us*.” So now I’ve gone from disbelief to disgust back to confusion. I don’t know what to think. And to make matters worse, I came into work this morning & got razzed immediately by the other football fans. Then when I shook my head & said “I know. It’s disgusting. And I honestly don’t think the league is going to be tough enough with their consequences.” I was harrassed for that too! Apparently you can neither defend nor be disgusted with your team if you are a Patriots fan. I am so… severely disappointed.

  2. mad-knits

    I’m pissed right along with you! hubby is depressed. Its a dark dark day and times…now everything the Pats do or have done in the past will be questioned. Always knew that announcers and sportscaster hated the Pats know they can come out in the open and jeer and say we were a fluke. Like Dawn said we cant even defend them!

  3. What you guys said.
    Has there been an “official” announcement from the NFL or is it still all just ‘League Sources’ telling ESPN something so they can tell a story?
    I guess I have to just suck it up and go read the news.
    You are right this is just all around awful. I don’t know if its as bad as Lisa Olson getting harassed in the locker room or the drug abuse stuff that came out in the late 80s, but it’s pretty much up there with that. Not what you would expect from this organization.
    I am sure there will be more fall-out. Don’t be surprised if other teams are brought in to this. Like you said, I doubt the Pats are the only team doing this.

  4. Boo Hoo

    Increased Scrutiny?

    If by increased scrutiny you mean having a cameraman stand 20 feet away from the opposing coaches.


  5. gambitNJ69

    The Mass. new State Moto is going to be printed on all your license plates I hear … “CHEAT TO WIN… THERE IS NO OTHER WAY…”



  7. gambitNJ69

    LMAO!!! Exactly!!!! There was never any genious on that team, its been proven that they cheated their ENTIRE way to the top!! bahahahahahaa.. This is truly PRICELESS!!!

  8. CheatersProsper??

    As long as I can remember, I have been an avid anti-fan of the Patriots. I’ve always respected then, in the Bill Era at least, for being a great team and have a strong coach, but now, I have no respect for this team. This is not a minor offense that gives a MINOR advantage. To be able to decipher ever defensive play and read if a lineman is gonna pinch inside or if there’s gonna be a right side blitz is HUGE! It is no wonder the Pats have seemed to be in the right place at the right time, every time, for the past decade.

    It’s utterly disappointing. I don’t think I dislike them anymore, I think I just won’t recognize them as a legit team for a while. It sad, I enjoyed the Colts/Pats rivalry while it was seemingly legit.

  9. Yeah, laugh it up guys. The team you hate just did something wrong. So you take out your glory on me. Ya know, in my life, I drive my crappy car to my crappy job and what guides me through each day is looking forward to my Patriots game. I refer to the team as “my Patriots.” I’ve been in tears at least twice today over this. Pathetic or not, I take this shit seriously. So you guys want to kick my while I’m down, fine. I left the comments open on this post for a reason and I guess I have to deal with the repercussions. I don’t talk crap, taunt fans of other teams.

    As far as I’m concerned, those SB victories are legit until it is proven otherwise that there was cheating. You cannot tell me that every team in the league doesn’t engage in this. It’s just like with steroids – there are two sides – those who are caught and those who aren’t. In fact, I know a former football player and steroid’s-user who told me how easy it is to rotate your treatments so you don’t get caught. For this camera business, if the team was so brazen in its approach, it’s obvious this is neither isolated, nor solely a Patriots act.

  10. Guest

    The Patriots are dubbed cheaters because, well, they are cheaters. First Rodny Harrison and now this video tape scandal. This cou.ld have resulted in Chad Pennington, Jets QB being injured in the second half.

  11. It had nothing to do with Chad Pennington’s injury or much of the Jets game because the cameraman was nabbed in the first quarter.

  12. I noticed nobody wants to pay attention to this part of the story. This is from the Projo Pats blog:

    “A spokesman for the National Football League Tuesday night denied ESPN and NFL Network reports from earlier in the day that the league had found the New England Patriots guilty of violating league rules by taping defensive signals during Sunday’s game against the New York Jets…”
    “Greg Aiello, NFL senior vice president of media relations, said there had been no official determination made and that the Patriots had not been notified of any decision, nor has head coach Bill Belichick been summoned to league offices in New York City for a Friday meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell.
    Aiello said the league had nothing further to report when asked if more teams had leveled accusations against the Patriots.”

    What? Morenson’s report is wrong? Well that’s no fun. Who wants to read that?
    Yeah it is still upsetting but I’m gonna wait and see how this plays out.

  13. Guest

    Siorry, I got deleted… Boston, sheesh.. Home of the free and land of the brave…

  14. Jonathan

    I do not see this as a big deal. In baseball they are constantly trying to steal signals to have a competive edge. They still have to hit the ball but Brady still has to make the throw, the linemen to make the block, and recievers run the routes. Also with the techonology of today any fan/employee can sneak a camera, cameraphone, etc. into a stadium and do the same thing. Coaches have so many plays and schemes I find it impossible to memorize every one of them, even with a camera, and to remember it next time. They take aerial shots of each play and discuss them on the sidelines. I also find it hard for Tom Brady in all of his greatness to relay what every single player is doing on defense in the short time he has to call the plays. Especially when the defense usually waits to see how the offense is going to set before calling a play. Dan Reeves said he used back up QBS to remember signals. Your teams must be stupid if they have to play the Pats again and go in with the same gameplan that they did before when the Pats ended up owning them(if it broke, fix it). If you listen to the explayers-commentators the majority of them seem to think that this isn’t a big deal as well. Don’t be upset Angela just think of the other teams who pump crowd music in and Ladainian’s teammate “unknowingly” taking performance enhancing drugs. I personally think that’s worst than a stupid video camera.

  15. Jonathan

    The Patriots are dubbed cheaters because, well, they are cheaters. First Rodny Harrison and now this video tape scandal. This cou.ld have resulted in Chad Pennington, Jets QB being injured in the second half.

    Yeah and then the Jet’s fans booing an injured player. That’s the best example of good sportsmanship I have ever seen. The Pats taping stupid signals caused 9-11 as well. SOURCE: MICHEAL MOORE

  16. For the life of me I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. It is “only a game”. They cheated, got caught and whatever slap on the wrist they get they get. And life will move on and they will play football. No matter how hard I try I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone cares. In all games people cheat, from Monopoly to Football to Lacrosse to Baseball. It’s human nature to look for any advantage we can find.

  17. I feel for ya Angela! But I did have to laugh at what LT said on the subject, “[Hey-Apparently if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!]”

  18. It’s not that big of a issue. I believe every team does it. The Pats are just the ones that got caught. They don’t make rules for things that don’t happen. Someone did it before, for the rule to be in place. They’re not the first or last to do it.

  19. gambitNJ69

    Not every team cheats, dont be stupid, just the pathetic teams cheat who do not know how to win any other way! Nuff Said!!!

  20. I meant to talk to you after the Rodney thing. This really has, despite the awesome win Sunday, been a hard 2 weeks to be a Pat’s fan. Personally I think the spying thing is overblown but it will cost the team, the coach and the ownership in respect, dollars, and draft picks next year!

  21. gambitNJ69

    What is so “awesome” about a win that a team gets by cheating? You must condone cheating then Rich… Every win by the Patriots this entire time has been falty wins. Every single one of your Head Coaches seasons should be marked with a * since they clearly have never been earned legally .. Nuff Said! NE Patriots have been proven to be scam artists!

  22. I condone none of the above as you will note my disappointment in Rodney Harrison. However, you would be naive to believe the Pat’s won anything based on this video taping stuff or to think your team, whoever they may be, have not been “cheating” in this same way or many others that have had a blind eye turned to them in the past (tipping off players to drug testing days jumps to mind). If, from reading your user name, you are a fan of Mangenius then you best hope, after his ratting out his old coach on crimes in which he was intimately involved, that he doesn’t get his hand caught in any cookie jars.

  23. gambitNJ69

    Stop trying to place a spin on it Rich, Every single one of The NE Patriots wins under your current head coach ARE tainted wins! Its been proven FINALLY…
    Nuff Said! .. NEXT!!

  24. Meow

    Angela, I know how strongly you feel about your team. You probably are the only woman that I know who is more NE-psychotic than I am. The first thing I thought of when I heard about Harrison was YOU. 🙁

    I simply cannot understand how anyone, no matter how much they dislike the Patriots, could think that each and every Pats win (not to mention the three SBs) could be “tainted”. Ridiculous.

  25. The more I think of it, the more retarded it becomes. Now Hines Ward thinks the Pats were up to some tricks in ’02. I think teams need to find some way to explain how they’re getting their asses hand to them and now they’ve found it. It’s moronic to think that ONLY the Patriots could think of something like this. It’s a copycat league. Let’s look at the logic here. If Roger Goodell sends a memo to the entire league about it, then expresses to me it’s a league-wide problem. What’s more, if the Patriots are the only team doing this and it provides such a crazy advantage, why are the Patriots not undefeated?

    I also enjoy how the Chargers will go on and on about cheating when they themselves had Mr. Lightbulb shutter-offer himself suspended last season for a steroids violation. Laughable. Purely laughable.

  26. jonathan

    Then every single win for the yankees is tainted and should be an * when Giambi played for them right gambit? I don’t understand how this is “cheating”. Illegal yes but cheating no. When people memorize the signals is that cheating? What a friggin’ good coach mangini is for not changing the signals and making them harder to read or recognize especially since he knew what was going on. Go boo your qbs gambit.

  27. I don’t know if Goodell sent a memo, but he sure sent a message. To the tune of $500,000 fine against coach Bill Belichick, and another $250,000 against the Patriots as a team. As an aside it seems Goodell’s reputation as a no nonsense guy are true. It’s about time professional sports had someone like him at the helm.

  28. What a year he’s had. Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, now this… I wonder if he has Tagliabue on speed dial.

  29. Guest

    Good for Roger Goodell, he holds the same standards to the owners and coaches as he does to the players! Pats got fined a couple of million and Belijerk got fined half a mil and Pats lost a draft pick… He showed that he is not a “Paper Lion” and sttood up to a owner who has compromised his credability just because he and “his family” and obsessive coach and fans are so wrapped up in winning at all costs. I do not like Boson (I used to, however), I will give you that, I also do not like Oakland or Philly. I find sports in all three towns to resemble themselves and anyone interested in getting into the business in any of these towns is suspect, in my silly opinion. I will never forget going to Foxboro as a guest of Boston and parking my car and getting vile marks placed there or my 6 year old son getting beer dumped on him for wearing another team’s cap. I found it quite a disturbing place to visit and to hear Robert Kraft go on and on about how he is the class of the NFL makes me laugh.

    First Rodney Harrison, Christian Peter (whom Mira sent walking and Parcells wanted in his grocery cart), Randy Moss (tried to run over a offecier of the law), Tom Brady (telling men to emotionally abuse women in Sports Illustrated this week) and now Belijip (who may have caused an athlete, an honest one, a game or two)…

    Sorry, no longer a fan and not really a fan of the NFL… I think Bill should buy a pit bull… It is fitting!

  30. gambitNJ69

    Amen to that! Boston/Mass teams and fans are all horrible, they are the same level of class as Philly Hockey Fans! You cant go to a simple game without fans giving you complete crap.. I cant believe that Boston fans would dump beer on a 6 year old! Truley pathetic! Truey classless I tell ya…
    Granted Yankee fans are harsh, but they would NEVER dump beer on a 6 year old.. NOR ANY child!

  31. Oh but New York fans cheer their QB’s ankle getting snapped? Come on, Gambit. I would never, ever condone someone dumping a beer on a child.

  32. Hey, Angela? Pay no attention to the bitter angry people who just want an opportunity to justify the negativity they spew. The way they’re acting, you would think you defended Coach B’s actions rather than displaying hurt, confusion & disgust. I took so much flack at work this week, I finally asked them how they would like me to react. I never made a single excuse for what he did. I am offended & disappointed. And all I take is abuse? The way I was being treated, you would have thought *I* was the one out there with that stupid video camera. They finally got the message & admitted they were being pretty harsh toward me for no reason other than that it was finally easy to trashtalk the Patriots with an actual incident to support it — because let’s face it: everyone wants the guy on the top to fall off so they can take his spot.

    As for the punishment Goodell came up with, I have no problem with it being tough. I don’t want Bill to ever consider pulling this foolishness again & I hope he feels like a giant ass. He’s hurt his team when you know his only objective is to win. But to be honest, I think the worst punishment he’ll face is having to deal with Kraft, who I have to imagine is horrified. I only hope that Goodell sticks to his guns, and the next time a team pulls something like this, or breaks some other comparable rule, he is just as strict. It’s about time we cleaned up some of the “NBA behavior” that has begun to occur with more & more frequency in the NFL.

  33. Yikes, you must have it so much more rough being that you’re in Florida. The only place I’ve heard any flack is on my website. Every one else I talk to feels the way I do. It’s over now, punishment given, and by Sunday night, it’ll be old news.

  34. People are so focused on the videotaping of the plays that they forget there is also an ongoing investigation regarding radio transmissions. So, let’s think about this. You record the play and transmit it back to the coach. Doesn’t sound like such a “marginal” advantage after all. The punishment: a joke. Taking away a first round pick is effective on a team that only has one this year. The Patriots have two first round picks so essentially they lost nothing. And if by some fluke they don’t make the playoffs: They lose their second and third round picks but keep both first round picks. If you think the money is any type of punishment, remember who we’re talking about. This is the NFL, $750,000 in total fines is nothing. But hey who expected the NFL to really come down on the Patriots? Rodney Harrison (Safety) used HGH – suspended four games. Wade Phillips (Quarterbacks Coach) used HGH in Chicago – suspended five games with the Cowboys. I know you’re all thinking,” What? A quarterbacks coach received a longer suspension than a player for using performance enhancing drugs.” Doesn’t make sense to me either. I don’t know the exact science of how human growth hormones (HGH) work, but, and this is just a guess, it affects you physically? Someone let me know if I’m correct on that. So it’s seems like a pretty safe bet to say it would affect the players performance more than a coach, thus the suspension should be greater. Now you’re thinking, “C’mon John this is our beloved New England Patriots, please say all of these things aren’t so.” Well, I wish I could, but luckily for New England fans Roger Goodell has a hard-on and it has New England Patriots written all over it(Not to be confused with the type he has for Pacman Jones).

  35. gambitNJ69

    Of course you dont hear the flack anywhere else Angela, its because everyone in your entire State is so enamored with that Joke of a team. Your website is the only real place we can give you the flack that you are missing! 😉

  36. Our entire State…as compared to what? Your State which has 2 NFL teams which play their home games there and neither want to admit it so they claim they are from New York? I forget, what’s Jersey’s team? The New Jersey Generals?

  37. gambitNJ69

    Whatever Rich, go back to rooting for your Joke of a team, cuz thats what they are, an * in the entire NFL

  38. Wow Ang you have a bunch of trolls on your site all of a sudden. That sucks. I would not let it bother you though. I mean look at some of the stuff some of these people are saying, it’s not even close to reality. Some of these comments actually make me laugh they are so ridiculous!

    The Pats are not cheaters. They broke a rule and have been punished and that is it. Dont sweat it. GO PATS.

  39. Every Football game in the NFL is orchestrated!
    Every NFL Coach scrutinizes the play calling of their opponents by watching the past game films in order to prep their own players about the opponents offense and defense in the upcoming game. Filming the play-calling of a team’s opponents is most likely widespread throughout the league to send a Robert De Niro “I’ll be watching you” hand signal to intimidate the other team only.

    It is unfortunate for us that the NFL made a example of only the Patriots. When will they catch all the other NFL coaches using the same or similar intimidation practices?

  40. ari

    Shame on you. As a football fan, you have to be honest with yourself: Video taping, per se, is perfectly legal and EVERY team does it. The rules say where you can’t record from: the field and the coaches areas-and where you can-anyplace with a roof and walls. The truth is you can video tape in the NFL-just not anywhere you like. This is not cheating, which is the shorthand dump partisans promulgate. Bill was pushing the limits, he knew it, and he should be fined. Not villified. If you don’t think video taping the games for signals, formations and anything else-which goes on every game everywhere-then ban videotaping altogether. Don’t make Belichick out to be a cheater; what’s the cheat? His man was in a nondesignated area? That’s all you got? The truth is, Belichick was ratted out by a former employee looking for HIS own advantage and the NFL monkey-pile continues because the Patriots are so damn good and others are so damn envious. Nobody gets this animated over mediocre teams, only great ones. Sorry.

  41. Shame on who??? Who are you referring to with shame in the previous 41 comments, Ari? Who said video taping was illegal?? For that matter, if Bill was pushing the limits as you believe, than what is the difference between the video used in the coaches’ booth or a sideline video?

    Sports Illustrated noted the NFL Commissioner acknowledged the sideline video had NO impact on the game which strongly suggests the video was intended to intimidate the Jets only. Perhaps, the real question to be asked by all Patriots fans is: Who will benefit the most by the undeserved negative press?

  42. Truth is the Pat’s were guilty of cheating. If not then the Pat fans should be sending emails and letters to the NFL offices questioning why they received fines and lost of draft pick or picks. I think the major uproar for non Pats fans is that there is a level of smugness from that coach and his players. These players fail when they leave N.E. so I wonder if these average players don’t benefit from some illegal help? When you video tape a team you have no chance of playing in the playoff or in a possible Super Bowl match up, thats cheating. Can’t use the video then? Remember that the next time you send that picture message through your phone. I respect Mr. Kraft. I still like Brady. Maroney is going to be a quality back. I hope they don’t win another game this year if it means “Bullachit” loses his job. There should be an opening in Cleveland and Notre Dame at the end of the season! Would the Patriot Nation feel the same way if this was Manning and Dungy?

  43. The Patriots were guilty of breaking the rules. Edgerian James has sucked since leaving Indy – does that mean Indy cheats? Full-blown cheating? Hardly.

  44. Hmm…. Grahamzlaw seems to imply there is a difference between fair cheating and illegal cheating! According to Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, “Our guy keeps a pair of binoculars on their signal-callers every game. With any luck, we have their defensive signals figured out by halftime. Sometimes, by the end of the first quarter.” (Ref: Apparently, cheating by binoculars is fair and legal?

    Again, the real question all Football fans should ask is: Why was only one team fined for alleged spying and cheating when all teams spy and video-tape each other? Smugness is a non-issue, a smokescreen to avoid facing the real issue, Grahamzlaw!

    Average Players, Grahamzlaw? Do you know how Football is played, Grahamzlaw? From Pop Warner Football to the NFL, every player is told exactly how to play his position by the coaches and the playbook. A great player on one team can become average player on another team just as well as an average player on one team can become a great player for another team. A player has two options, play his position according to the coaches instructions or find another team to play for!

    After former Cowboys Head Coach Jimmy Johnson admitted a lot of teams were breaking the NFL video rule yesterday on NFL Fox Sunday, Howie Long had the best insight on spy-gate, “The moral outrage that has been expressed by some people within the NFL and some people in the media that covers the NFL, to me rings a little bit shallow. I think its people waiting in the tall grass to kick Bill Belichick in the teeth.” -well said, Howie!

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