The first indication that Jet’s coach Eric Mangini may have opened a can of worms that he cannot close – “Ever hear of Steve Scarnecchia? He’s the New York Jets director of video operations. Two interesting points on his resume: He’s a former video man for the Patriots. He is also the son of New England assistant head coach Dante Scarnecchia, Belichick’s right-hand man. And you wonder why we think the Jets might have some blood on their video hands.” – today’s Monday Morning QB column by Peter King.


Brian Billick believes Jets cheated. I betcha Billick only mentioned this as payback.

Eric Mangini sucks

There’s still no word if the Jets are urging the NFL to investigate Baltimore after yesterday’s loss.

Last night’s Patriots-Chargers game was, in a word, AWESOME! If you like football, you’ve most likely seen highlights of the game already so there’s no point in me recapping it. If you don’t like football… what’s the matter with you?! 😉

In hindsight, it almost seems like this camera thing was worth it when it comes to the players. Roosevelt Colvin played like Bobby Boucher after Philip Rivers insulted his mama. They’re pissed off and, any experienced Pats fan will tell you, that’s how we like ’em.