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Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

I don’t usually like to embed videos on this page, but this one’s worth it. 😀


I’m Italian: we hold grudges


Deep Thoughts by Angela Handy


  1. Oh daaaang. That’s friggin FUNNY.

  2. LOL That’s f-ing hilarious!!!

  3. Fitzy is loved dearly in these parts.

  4. I gotta say, when I first heard that the Patriots were caught cheating, my initial thought was “Who the fuck cares?” and then my second thought was “Oh boy, Angela is probably gonna be piiiiiiiiised” 🙂

    Seriously though, stealing signs and signals is part of sports. As Charles Barkley said during MNF last night, they freaking know exactly what the other team is going to run 90% of the time. As for baseball, hell, there’s a new book out called “The Cheaters Guide To Baseball” that is both hilarious and amazing when you read about all the cheating in baseball over the years. If the NFL expects their players and coaches to be perfect little saints, they have another thing coming.

    And if the Jets can’t figure out a way to mask their signs and signals or mix things up, then they’re just fucking retarded.

  5. Goob, you know me so well. The weirdest thing Charles Barkley said last night was, “Bill is a friend of mine.” My God, first Bon Jovi, now Barkley? Belichick has the weirdest assortment of friends.

    Every team steals signals and continues to steal signals. The Patriots effed up by continuing to use the camera.

    But hey, how ’bout your Packers?!?!

  6. Hey Angela, it’s Bryan from One Man’s Goal. Just wanted to tell you that I got my second blog up and running and I think it’s right up your alley (it’s a sports blog). Check it out.

  7. AWESOME! Well, except for the LT in the banner. 😉

  8. gambitNJ69

    WHat a moron… Hey btw.. How many games are the Blow Sox up by? I forgot to check…

  9. HAHAHAHA…that was hilarious! I loved it!

  10. Gambit, it’s funny and you know it. And I could care less about baseball right now. What I am wondering is why you fail to make any comment on the Jets cheating incident since you were so outspoken about the Patriots.

  11. gambitNJ69

    Well the only reason why the Jets even considered cheating would be Mangini learned from the master of espionage.

  12. Where he learned it is irrelevant.

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