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The only thing better than a Sunday is a Monday after a Patriots victory – well, minus the whole “start of the work week” thing.

I was really hoping the Bills would score a one last touchdown so the Patriots could win three games in a row 38-14. I’m curious if that’s ever happened before.

Some other things I was thinking yesterday…

–I know everyone thinks Rex Grossman sucks but I did notice his receivers drop a bunch of decent passes last night. I’m just saying…

–After being slapped with a whooper $500K fine by the NFL, I was wondering if Bill Belichick could help pay for it by signing with Sony to endorse their wide array of camcorders.

–That UPS Whiteboard guy must be really awesome at Pictionary.

–I wonder how badly the Eagles players laughed when they first saw those atrociously ugly throwback uniforms. I also wonder how badly they cringed when they were told they’d have to actually wear them – and on TV no less.

–Yeah, I’m sure LT and Phillip Rivers were just having a “discussion.” I’m sensing some karmic retribution over there.

–Kurt Warner’s still got it.

–I’m happy for Green Bay’s success and for no other reason than my old buddy, old pal, Goob, who is a true Cheesehead.

Today on Yahoo!, I read this:

Overshadowed champs: When was the last time a Super Bowl team started 3-0 in defense of its title and was such an afterthought? The Indianapolis Colts have displayed the right mixture of offense and defense while beating three teams that seemingly had legitimate chances of prevailing, yet all the attention is on the high-scoring Patriots and disappointing Chargers. Somewhere in the Colts locker room, there’s a player or coach on the verge of playing the disrespect card.

Hello? How ’bout NEP 2002, 2004 & 2005? A little role reversal, ya think?


Leave Bill Belichick Alone!


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  1. I really like the UPS Whiteboard ads. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the music (the Postal Service, haha), but for some reason, I’m amazed when he always adds a little twist at the end…

  2. mad-knits

    yikes those uniforms were hurting my eyes!

  3. gambitNJ69

    How do you expect teams to win against a team that cheats to win? Not possible… Continue enjoying your tainted victories

  4. You know, Gambit, at least the Patriots win when they cheat, unlike the Jets who still lose.

  5. Perhaps the Colts would get more attention if their first three games didn’t include:
    1. A huge win against what may very well be one of the most dismal teams in the NFL this year.
    2. Winning by only two points over the Titans.
    3. Having an Andre Johnson-less Houston team give them a serious run for their money.

    Please tell me the Patriots don’t have something equally hideous hanging in the back of their uniform closet that we will be subjected to…

    And as for gambit? I see he/she continues to read your blog. Interesting. Funny that the NFL said it’s a done deal. Too bad for gambit that he/she didn’t get that Commissioner position when Tagliabue stepped down.

  6. Brett Favre makes me swoon. Watching the Packers play these past three weeks have been awesome, to say the least. It’s so nice to have a favorite sports team that finally doesn’t suck anymore 🙂

  7. Well, I’m rooting for ’em. I’d love a SB XXXI rematch – Tedy Bruschi & Troy Brown get their revenge. Wow, they’re the only two left, I think?

  8. Even though I have no love for Green Bay, I do respect and admire Favre more than probably just about any other sportsman out there (except for Steve Nash). Seeing him in the locker room on TV after the game just grinning like a rookie who won his first game is just too awesome. (#):)

  9. That’s one more than the Packers, Angela. I’m pretty sure Favre is the only guy still on our roster with a ring from that game! Almost makes me feel old…

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