Matt Millen, lookout! Mastermind Football lets me be boss

I have a newfound respect for Bob Kraft after spending hours playing Mastermind Football. They weren’t joking when they thought of their tagline, “football for your brain.”

Mastermind is sort of like fantasy football while being completely different at the same time. Instead of arranging a team of actual NFL players and earning points based on your players’ stats, Mastermind gives you the opportunity to actually run a team. You’re given a roster, a salary cap, and some cash to spend. There are no Tom Bradys or Ocho-Cincos. All players have certain qualities and it is your job as manager to find the right pieces to make a winning team. Each player has qualities such as ego, level of discipline, amount of experience and salary. It’s your job to determine who will be the best fit for your team. It’s up to you to hire coaches, bench egomaniacs (and there are a few) and find the best talent, all while staying under your cap.

Now, here’s where Mastermind gets really fun… you are able to join “seasons”. You are able to choose from a list of open leagues and once the quote of teams is met, the season starts. Just like in real life, you play against the opponents in your league and each game your team plays has full play-by-play stats.

Think it’s easy? Oh no, it is not. I’m quickly learning that my lackadaisical approach to managing just ain’t cutting it. As of late, the Boston Bruschis (that’s my team’s name) are 0-3 and are preparing to face the formidable (and undefeated) Queens New York Tigers. Right now, I’m the New Orleans Saints of my league. I made some drastic changes tonight like benching my starting running back with the HIGH ego and salary and I’m in search of a new kicker. I’m working my way up from A.J. Smith to Scott Pioli (hopefully).

Mastermind football requires much more strategy than run-of-the-mill fantasy football. I’m still really new to the game but I’m slowly learning my way as I go. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress. You could also sign up for Mastermind and we can learn together?

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  1. Damn, I signed up after following the first link you made in your post, not from the “referral” link at the bottom, so I don’t think you got credit for me signing up. I didn’t know it was important until after I signed up and read the guide.

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