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My Patriots superstition reaches an all time low: cheese doodles

In an attempt to find a themed snack for the Patriots-Bengals game (because that’s how we do), I picked up a bag of cheese doodles. Ya know, the whole orange thing, right? Every time I ate a cheese doodle, the Patriots did something good. Seriously. You think that Asante Samuel interception at the end of the first half was because of his talent or a bad Carson Palmer pass? Oh no, that was me, sitting on my couch, chowing on a gross cheese doodle. All those passes that flew over Chad Johnson’s head… you might think that was Ty Warren applying the proper amount of pressure. Think again… that was me stuffing my face with cheese doodles.

I made the mistake of mentioning this newfound superstitious technique to my dad. If Cincy started picking up steam, I’d hear my dad scream, “DOODLE!”

I ate way too many cheese doodles and now instead of savoring another Patriots’ victory, I feel like barfing. The things I do for my team. Geez.


Angela has a headache thus making proper blog post headline writing impossible


Baseball?! On a Sunday?!


  1. viktorn


  2. Thank you for your sacrifice. Patriots Nation thanks you. 😉
    We are playing Cleveland next week does that mean you do something orange or brown? Pretzels are brown. Mmmm. Yummy pretzels…. Steak tips are brown… Suddenly I’m hungry.

  3. I was thinking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Although, eating a lot of those will make me barf.

  4. How about orange m&m’s do they make those? that would take care of both colors in one shot!

  5. Funny stuff. You’re like the Erma Bombeck of the blogging world.

  6. How about Cool Ranch & Chedder TwisterZ and Guinness?

  7. I LOVE the Guinness idea but I don’t know if getting drunk in front of my dad is a good plan.

  8. I hope your Dad won’t mind if you have a Guinness draft to celebrate during each Quarter? The way our Pats are playing so great this year, a few more beers can’t hurt us as we celebrate their game!

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