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The epiphany that was Patriots @ Dallas

I overheard my dad crying this morning but don’t worry, he was watching NFL Network so I’m pretty sure those were tears of joy.

Sunday’s Patriots game at Dallas was the first game since the AFC Championship that I felt that surge of emotions. “Uh-oh, Dallas has the lead!” “Oh crap, Dallas is zooming down the field!” “Shit fuck shit, Dallas scored on a Brady fumble!”

I think one has officially entered the realm of “cocky” when you actually relish a game in which your team is challenged.

And just like that, I’ve reached a crossroads in my life as a Patriots fan. Gone are the days when I have to defend my team on Monday mornings. And if you aren’t in the area, don’t be fooled by the legions of Patriots fans – just seven short years ago most of them thought they sucked. The team was slowly rebuilding after Hurricane Bobby Grier who brought in the likes of the “original” Chris Canty, we were all trying to make sense of the Pete Carroll era (he was too nice to hate!), and still trying to figure out if the team had made the right choice in going with Belichick over Marty Schottenheimer. And then, out of nowhere comes this kid named Tom Brady who only a season before had backed up Drew Bledsoe, Michael “New England’s Answer to Kordell Stewart” Bishop, and John “Who The Hell is That Guy?!” Friesz. With the rash of QB injuries around the league, I’m sure a lot of fans have experienced what I felt the day Drew Bledsoe went down… “My God, our season is over!” Hindsight is 20/20.

Now, I’m going to tell you guys something that I have never before told a soul… I am the reason the Patriots won Super Bowl 36. You see, the night before the regular season showdown between the Rams and the Patriots, I was outside watching the Leonid Meteor Shower. When I saw my first shooting star I made a wish, “I wish that the Patriots would beat the Rams.” (Yes, instead of wishing for things like world peace or a million dollars, I wish for Patriots regular season victories. That’s just the kind of girl I am.) I didn’t get my wish the next day and I was pissed as my wishes on shooting stars are usually granted. Little did I know at the time, my wish was to be granted months later and in the Super Bowl no less!

But back to my point – since then, I’ve slowly seen the tides turning. Each year the Patriots got a little better but were always second to the Indianapolis Colts, no matter how many times they had beat them or how many Super Bowl trophies they accrued. Soon, the Patriots were even getting some news coverage over the, get this, Boston Red Sox.

Then the Patriots did something remarkable – they signed guys like Randy Moss. Now, the evolution was complete. And since I am a modern kinda girl with the internet, able to glance at the thoughts, comments and judgments of the entire NFL fanbase, I noticed something unsettling, disturbing even. The Patriots were no longer considered the underdog, they were THE dog.

This pains me to no end… in the eyes of NFL Nation, they had become the NFL equivalent to the *gasp* New *tear* York *waaaah* Yankees *falls on floor*. Each day my site, yes this one, is receiving more and more hits from Google for the phrase, “Patriots Suck” (and I’m pretty sure they’re not searching for dirt on Paul Revere). WHAT’S WORSE, I’m finding myself repeating old Yankees fan expressions like “they’re just jealous.” Has the WHOLE WORLD GONE MAD?! I don’t know who I am anymore! WHAT’S EVEN WORSE, if you can believe that there would be something worse, is that I’m witnessing supposed Patriots “fans” on sports message boards taunting other NFL fans just like the Yankees fans of old would do to us. Have they forgotten so soon?! Oh God, it has come to this.

But after Sunday’s victory at Dallas, I decided to make a pact with myself and, in a sense, I’m going to think like a Patriot. I’m going to ignore the negative comments. I’m going to brush off the “Belicheats” comments and the “Black Mark” (‘cuz that’s how we Easterners say it) comments and I’m just going to enjoy the special season that my team is having. I’m no longer going to internalize the mean-spirited comments of NFL nation. So, if that means I’m cocky, so be it. I’m a cocky fan because my team is one of the best damn teams ever and I just can’t contain it anymore. I’m not going to be humble and I’m not going to go as far as guarantee a flawless Super Bowl season. But I’m going to enjoy each game like it was their last and I’m not going to feel any shame in doing so. My dad suffered through losing seasons for this! He endured Tony EASON for crying out loud! GOSH DARNIT! I LOVE MY PATRIOTS AND YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!

Phew, Deep Cleansing Breaths… that felt good. Real good.


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  1. I think of it this way, in the 80’s I hated the 49ers. In the 90s I hated the Cowboys. Now it’s the 00’s and people hate The Patriots the same way I hated those teams back then.

    That is f-ing stupendous!

  2. It really is. Sometimes, I almost think it’s not real, ESPECIALLY after yesterday’s game. I can’t wait for Nov. 4.

  3. Yes I am the same way too, wondering if this is real sometimes.
    Besides, people in the press love to continually remind us that The Pats were once the ‘laughingstock of the NFL’. So who’s laughing now? Enjoy the ride!

  4. When a team starts doing good, lots of people jump on the bandwagon and I think that is what turns off people the most and gets people talking bad about the team because if a given team is doing good, everyone is a fan and what people are really criticizing is the people who are “huge fans” that don’t know anything about the sport/team. This can be said for any team in any sport.

  5. Evan

    When you compare the Pats to the Yank-mees, think of this: YES, they are / have been both very successful. BUT, you don’t see players coming to the Yank-mees taking pay cuts like Moss did this year, or Bruschi did when renegotiating his own contract a couple years ago.

    Players come to the Pats to play for Belichick and a great organization. Not because they’ll be able to open a Swiss bank account w/ a Steinbrenner signed paycheck.

  6. What I mean when I compare the two is the way they are perceived. Of course any Patriots fan will tell you they are far from the arrogant baseball-playing robots that reside in the Bronx.

  7. Look, I have every reason to hate the Pats because they basically started the instant downfall of the Rams’ offensive domination. Prior to that year, I never heard much of anyone on the Pats and I could really care less. That whole next year, the Pats were the enemy, but I think it was the NEXT year that I really started paying attention to them… it was Vinitari and Brady that I really enjoyed.

    I can’t say I LIKE the Patriots, because even though it’s embarassing now, I’m still a Rams man, but I have to say, Brady is my absolute favorite QB of all time now besides Montana, Young and Garcia. Yeah, I’m twisted. I liked those guys from back when the Rams were on California.

    It’s just amazing to me how underrated Brady still seems to be. I can’t believe some of these F’s that still refuse to give him credit. Since my season is over, go Pats 🙂 I wouldn’t mind entertaining a Pats SuberBowl party this year on the big screen.

  8. I totally agree with Erine, people HATE, I mean really really HATE the Pats and it’s freakin stupendous! LOL…

  9. Prison Break

    I think your dad is very sentimental when it comes to baseball, good for him what can i say.but my bad is that i lost this game, the next one i hope i’ll buy some tickets !

  10. I knew you were smart, NothingMan. 😉 One thing that I’ve always strived to remain is respectful to any fan, no matter what team. My dad would always say that you can’t taunt other fans because you can imagine how angry you get when someone does it to you. I guess it’s sort of from that whole “treat others” mumbo jumbo we learn when we’re kids. So, having said that, I thank you for being another classy, respectful fan because when it comes down to it, we’re all NFL fans after all, right?

    Dame, just say it… fucking stupendous. 😀

  11. I don’t think you have much to worry about this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pats go undefeated. It would be pretty awesome.

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