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Choosing Allegiance – Red Sox or Patriots

Manny being MannySometimes, I feel like a bad Bostonian because I’m not too concerned with the Red Sox. Sure, they are down 3-1 in the playoffs against the Cleveland Indians but if they lose tonight, it won’t really phase me. I just don’t care that much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Red Sox. They’re the only baseball team I would consider watching and I do watch a lot of their games. If I’m lucky, I get to attend at least one a season. I want nothing more than to see them win BUT I’m not down in the dumps if they don’t.

I do have a big heart but it’s crammed to the brim with love for my one and only, the Patriots (duh). At the end of the day (and especially the Red Sox season) there is barely enough room in there for my family, let alone another sports team. 😉

I’d say it’s probably because I just like the game of football better. I have a firm grasp of the baseball basics but that’s where my knowledge ends.

It hasn’t always been easy being a football fan in a baseball town. Prior to this year, the Patriots would be in the playoffs on their way to another Super Bowl and half of the newspapers’ sports pages would be devoted to the Red Sox despite their season being months away. That’s probably why I laughed out loud Tuesday afternoon when I was listening to WEEI and I heard a Red Sox fan furious with the station’s decision to broadcast a Tom Brady interview instead of spending the full day talking about Game 4 of the ALCS. “The Red Sox are in the playoffs and you’re discussing Tom Brady?!” Yeah, Guy. Welcome to Patriots Nation’s world.

What I’m getting at is don’t get mad at Manny for saying “it’s not like the end of the world or something,” if the Sox don’t win tonight. Of course there is next year. Hell, that was Red Sox Nation’s motto for so long. And should things turn dire (which, with Beckett on the mound, isn’t too likely), just remember, the boys in Blue and Silver are there ready to welcome you back with open arms. 😀


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  1. If I had to pick one team over another, I would pick the Pats without even having to think about it. They have always been my main team.
    But I still love the Sox. If they lose tonight, which I don’t think they will, then it is probably meant to be. If they can’t win with Beckett on the mound then they probably deserve to get beat. Hopefully that won’t happen and we’ll be playing baseball at Fenway again. 🙂

    I feel bad for the Bruins! Tonight is their home opener and nobody is going to watch it! 😉 They are doing good so far this year too!

  2. Thank you! No, it’s not the end of the world…, and if they do get eliminated, I don’t want to hear folks bitch about it through the winter, and until April. Especially when we’ve got what could be the best Pats team ever, playing this season.

    A good time to be a Boston sports fan, no matter which way you cut it. BTW, Ernie’s right, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the B’s so far.

  3. I can’t change my mind and choose another team, I’ll be staying with SOX for ever, even if they are falling or getting on top, They just represent me, and all my family is a big fan of it !!

  4. Let me just say excellent freaking stock image to go with this post. You couldn’t have picked a better photo. And with that said, go Tribe 😀

  5. Hear! Hear! Pats over Red Sox.

    But, consider this: I can’t really explain it, but I hate all Cleveland teams with such a passion (I hate the Browns most of all) that I actually get a thrill out of rooting against Cleveland. Accordingly, I’d like to hear any anti-Cleveland coverage.

  6. I think the biggest chasm is the difference between the different sports. There are those people who will watch football all day long on Sunday but not care about baseball at all and vice-versa. I think a person can like teams in both sports, but you will naturally be drawn to one over the other based on the sport more than the team. It’s not as though your trying to choose between rivals.

  7. Brian

    I like football but I cant get into a sport where you play 16 games a year. It’s just not enough games. Baseball is a sport where fans are REAL fans, who must follow there team every day and not 2 hours a week like football fans. Saying that, GO RED SOX!

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