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Crybabies, idiots and champions… oh my!

Patriots turn NFL into big bunch of rich crybabies
Cry me a river“That’s running up the score, there isn’t any other way to look at that. C’mon, man, you’re going for it on fourth down and you’re up by 38 points. You’re throwing the ball late in the game. Most teams just run the clock out to get the win. They don’t think like that, but I guess it’s our job to stop them. You can’t do anything about it, just go out and play defense and try to stop them.” – Redskins DL Philip Daniels.

Waaah! Waaah! Waaah! Something tells me if the Patriots had kicked a field goal, Daniels’ quote would have looked like this – “…C’mon, man, you’re kicking a field goal and you’re up by 38 points…”

With quivering lips and broken egos, another team loses to the Patriots. I think it’s pretty pathetic that the Patriots have to explain themselves for being too good. This is a new era, folks. Players have to be football-playing robots BUT they have to switch off if they lead by two touchdowns. They cannot celebrate or express joy in a job well done but they also cannot score too many points for that is just mean to the opposing team. Boo hoo. Pfft. At least the fans in London get it, like when they loudly booed the Giants taking a knee in the last minute. 😀 Love them Brits! They’re great and I really underestimated their potential fandom.

Only in Boston can your football team put up 52 points and few care
Who needs a glass

I don’t know what was more exciting last night: watching the Red Sox win a second World Series Championship this millennium or watching rambunctious revelers taken down by Boston Police. I’ve been happy before but I’ve never experienced a level of joy that would make me overturn a car. If only these kids could focus that energy on something productive other than binge drinking and car flipping but, you know, nothing says celebration like an a.m. Arraignment.

“What, dude?! It’s my American Right to break things when I’m happy! It’s in the Bill of Constitution, bro!”


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  1. mad-knits

    they would totally love the Pats in London!!

  2. jonathan

    Well ya know the didn’t in 1776.

  3. Jon, you geek. 😀 Although, I was thinking the same thing yesterday. haha

  4. lol, I like the caption you wrote for that picture. I can see why you do good at the paper. Would your boss approve of a caption like that going to press though? Not that he would have much choice considering you’re the one that actually makes the final submission hehe.

  5. Sometimes we put fake captions in first as jokes. One of these days, we’re going to forget to change them and it’s going to get published. 😀

  6. It would make the paper more fun for the readers :D.

  7. I was watching the pregame babble on ESPN before MNF last night. I have to admit, I think I like Keyshawn Johnson now. When Tom Jackson started criticizing the Patriots for “running up the points,” I practically cheered at Keyshawn repeatedly “What were they supposed to do? No! What were they supposed to do?!” I also thoroughly appreciated Parcells’ thoughts (paraphrased): No matter what they do, they’ll be wrong. Pass for a TD? You embarrassed us. Run the ball? You embarrassed us. Kneel on the ball for three downs & give it back? You embarrassed us.

    I swear. Someone bring an defense already. This isn’t Peewee Football where we all go home with a plastic trophy at the end.

  8. hahaha, that comment under the picture had me laughing forever. That guy is definitley saying something like that.

  9. I’m a big Skins fan. A BIG Skins fan. I have no problem with what your team did and apparently neither did our coach, Gibbs 2.0. Obviously, this is about all I can say about that incident.

  10. My problem isn’t with the Redskins per se but with the criticism the Patriots have received that other teams of the same ilk have not (Colts of ’04, Rams of ’99-’01).

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