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Run up this $#!#$@!

I think I’m as sick of this “running up the score” business as I was of “spygate.” Patriots’ hatred runs deep around the NFL, though I’m not sure why. I don’t think the Patriots express an arrogance any different than many other good teams around the league.

Their “classless” victory celebrations are 100% the direct result of statements made by opponents prior to the game. You tell me this, let’s say the Boston Globe printed a parade route for a Super Bowl parade tomorrow. Indianapolis is thinking, “what the hell?!” Right? So, if they did defeat the Patriots after they were considered a time-wasting speed bump on the Patriots’ road to Super Bowl, the emotions of victory are going to be that much more inflated, right? This is logic here, not biased devotion, I promise you.

This gave me a chuckle this morning, “I asked FOXSports’ Howie Long if the Patriots were running up the score on the Redskins. Long’s argument was that the Redskins shouldn’t have been running their mouths about how New England had never seen defensive backs like theirs and that they wouldn’t get blown out like the other teams. Keep your mouth shut and maybe the Patriots would respect the Redskins a little more. That makes some sense to me.”

I’m intimately acquainted with the Patriots. I watch all the coverage, all the interviews, all the press conferences, I listen to them speak on the radio. I’ve heard nothing but respect. If you can sit back and tell me you hate the Patriots because they’re arrogant and classless, then you, my misguided friend, are digging REAL DEEP.

I’m going to tell it like I see it: I don’t think the Patriots were specifically running up the score on Washington. They were honing their game plan for Indy. There, I said it. By keeping the team on the field for most of the game, Belichick was preventing his team from becoming complacent because Sunday’s game in Indy is going to require all four quarters. Let’s get real here. This ain’t preseason. Does one honestly think Brady was so angry late in the game when his OL jumped offsides because he wanted to score more points on Washington? No, he knows that if they do it next week in Indy, they’re going to be up shit’s creek. Duh.

I think it was Glenn that said this yesterday on WEEI, “When the Rams did it, they were the ‘Greatest Show on Turf.’ When the Patriots do it, it’s running up the score.”

Years ago my dad said to me, “I always dream about a day when we (Patriots) are just blowing teams out of the water.” They could never make it easy – even Super Bowls came down to final timeouts and field goals. Now, my dad is getting his wish, which is kind of scary when you think about it. The Patriots are trouncing teams much to my dad’s enjoyment. This is fun, but like I said, Patriots hatred runs deep.


Crybabies, idiots and champions… oh my!


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  1. The prep for Washington makes sense, but I actually read it as Belichick/Brady trying to keep the three pass TD/game streak alive, because Brady came out after that drive where he was cursing at the false start. Which is also fine, if that’s a secondary goal; after all, no one complained about the Colts running up the score the season that Manning set the record for passing TDs. Hey, whatever keeps their heads in the game against these lesser teams is fine with me. If they need to go for Madden Points after the game is well in hand, I say rack up the Madden Points. 🙂

  2. I like the analogy of using a game against one team as practice for the next one. This next game should be quite a bit closer so maybe some of this fuss will die down.

  3. Sensitive. I hate the Patriots. I didn’t a decade ago. Why now? Because no one likes a dynasty unless its his team. This is normal. Why are there so many Yankee haters? Because they are always (nearly) so dominant.

    But to the point of your post, you are delusional if you don’t think the Coach Hoodie is running up the score. Preparing for Indy? Belichick is ticked. He’s mad at the NFL, and he has the team drinking the Koolaid. He has them convinced that everyone is against the Patriots. Good for them. The Pats were up 38-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter. The only reason to send Brady back out for the 4th is to run up the score and send a message. Same thing the week before against Miami. I could care less how many points they score (except for this coming Sunday), but don’t act as if they aren’t purposefully running up the score. They want to annihilate every team they play.

    I bet if Brady or Moss get hurt in the 4th quarter of a 35-0 game, going for their 6th TD; I bet the fine people of Boston won’t be too happy with their genius coach then.

  4. Maybe there is some element of stickin’ it to the NFL but I’ve been watching this team for years and I know Belichick is hellbent on being prepared.

    ADDENDUM: Just a question, as a Colts fan, what did you think of large margin victories in years past when it was the Colts scoring massive amounts of TDs? here for example?

  5. Excellent Angela! Being a St. Louis local, I totally get the reference you made.

    Just so you know, I’m not a Rams fan, haven’t been one for a while. I actually have a $200 bet with a friend (okay, so I made it when I was tanked) that the Pats go undefeated this year. Looks like I’m on the way!

    I love NE!

  6. It’s the pussification of the NFL.
    If you get beat, look in the mirror, don’t bitch that the other team disrespected you. Just because you quit at halftime, that does not mean the Patriots are going to as well. Waaaaaa.

  7. It is sad to hear some people hating any team because they play great football.
    Did anyone hate America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, during their Superbowl dynasty from 1992 to 1995?
    Did anyone hate the Pittsburgh Steelers and Terry during their Superbowl dynasty from 1974 to 1979?

    Even though I am a Patriots fan first, my husband and I always enjoy watching great football teams play! They deserve the respect of everyone whether you are a fan or foe of the Patriots due to their achievements in the toughest and roughest mentally and physically challenging sport in America!

  8. The Cowboys are not this American’s team, and yes, I rooted against them every year. The Steelers are a little different, because I’m a Midwestern guy I didn’t mind seeing them win. The point is still the same, however, most people do not enjoy seeing other teams dominate year in and year out unless it is their team that is dominate. Evidently the Dolphins are an exception.

    Look, I enjoy watching the Pats play. I always have; at least in the Belichick era. It’s amazing to me that WRs on that team can switch to the defensive backfield and the team not miss a beat. I’m amazed that a LB has 10 TD receptions in his career. I’m awestruck at what Brady is able to do with a legitimate WR corps. I appluad their achievements, and I’m not offended at their gaudy scores. Nevertheless, it is what it is. They run up the score every week. I agree with Ernie – a little bit – if people want them to stop running it up, then someone should just go out and beat them (hopefully it happens this weekend). They shouldn’t whine about it after the fact.

  9. I don’t see how you can call it running up the score. Belichick waits until there is no chance left of a comeback based on the score and the time left on the clock. That is how he plays the game. He leaves nothing to chance.

    Once that point in the game is reached he puts in his 2nd string QB, etc. and gives the backups a chance to see some real game action. The defense is not going to quit either. If the defense is still causing turnovers and the backups are still scoring TDs on you, who’s fault is that? Go look in the mirror.

    1st string or practice squad, football players are out there to make plays, not take a knee and give the ball back so you feel better about yourself.

  10. Uh, what Ernie said. 😀

    No matter what happens, Travis, Sunday’s game is going to be a doozy.

  11. Ernie, I could honestly care less if NE scores 100 points a game. I really don’t care; except for this weekend, of course. I don’t think running up the score is bad thing when you’re dealing with pros. If it was my kid’s 5th & 6th grade team I’d think that 58-7 would be a bit much. Not so when you’re talking about men who are doing their job.
    Still – it is what it is. Belichick wants to humble the League, and he’s doing a good job of it. I understand his angst. His upset about “Spygate”, and if anyone beileves that NE won their three rings illegitimately they’re cracked. So I understand his the team’s desire to put the beat down on the League. I don’t understand the people who are crying about last week’s score. This is the pros. I also don’t get the Patriot faithful who are offended by the offended.
    I’m just ticked off that not one Patriot is on my Fantasy team, and Angela, you are right: Sunday will be a doozy. I’m glad the game is in Indy!

  12. Travis, your point about team domination may be true for most people but, I think hating any team playing great football is extreme. I can see being upset when your team loses but hating the other team for winning is a unsportsmanlike!

    Well said, Ernie! Bill Belichick and the Patriots have a winning attitude and the Patriots show it!

    And, what Angela said!

    Travis, the Patriot faithful offended??? by the offended???
    I believe we defending our Patriots from the offended football fans!

  13. I have Tom Brady and Welker on my team and on draft day, everyone told me I was retarded.

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