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And the Colts game MVP is…

Colts MVP

That was the worst game of officiating I have ever seen in my life. But, whatever. That game wouldn’t have even been close if it weren’t for the atrociously, ridiculously, horrendously, grossly, remarkably bad officiating. That Randy Moss offensive pass interference?! I mean, hell, even the Colts DB was throwing his fist thinking he just got flagged.

But, Like my dad always says, “It’s not the game that’s enjoyable. It’s the victory celebration after.” I’ve had to fight off the urge to puke for about six minutes but it’s not bad. I liken it to tears of joy – this would be victory vomit. Good thing I didn’t have a halftime snack or else this could get ugly.

I was surprised/impressed with the Colts defense. I had underestimated them and they had a great game. Dwight Freeney is one fast mofo. I guess that’s why he makes the big bucks. Joseph Addai had a field day running through our defense and that famous Colts offensive line lived up to its billing.

The only thing that sucks right now is I’m going to have to wait for TWO WEEKS until another Patriots game. *sigh*


Final thoughts: Patriots-Colts coverage




  1. I second the officiating complaint. That was outrageous. And I had to watch the game with two Colts fans. I went straight home after the game and took a shower.

    PS: The Colts defense was tough. I was surprised.

  2. Yeah, I jokingly said to my dad after the game, I wonder if the refs can still cash their checks from Bill Polian even though the Colts lost. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were paid off.

  3. And to add insult to injury, your Google Ads are currently rather coltish. I don’t think you’ll be earning much from them right now…
    The Pats deserve a bye week.

  4. Yeah, I know.

    And the top left Car insurance one keeps taunting me that my last payment was late. :X

  5. After the bad call on Hobbs for Pass Interference, we shut the game off until the 4th quarter to check the score.
    Remember, Ellis Hobbs was flagged for pass interference in last season’s AFC Championship game when he never contacted the receiver? What are the odds for this occurring two Colts games in a row? Will the NFL fine the official?

    Both my husband and I knew the battle of the titans would be a close game but blind bats in the NFL need to wear a few pair of glasses!

  6. your right on the officiating it was the worse, but atleast we got that win.

  7. madknits

    it was a very stressful game, i thought my husband was gonna have a heartattack and our new tv was gonna suffer the consequences.

  8. Colts have been bucked, Angela.

    I second, third, nineteenth the notion that the officiating was abyssmal. Why is it that it rains yellow flags when the Pats visit the RCA Dome? Anyway, now that the Pats won that one, if (and we all hope they do) meet again, it’ll be in the nice snowy cold of Gillette.

  9. The Moss offensive pass interference call was bogus for sure, no doubt there. Other than that though, the game wasn’t that poorly officiated than any other game. You won the game, forget about the refs, enjoy the victory.

  10. Hey Angela, Yahoo sports has a heavily commented post about “Patriots complain about crowd noise” at the RCA Dome yesterday.

    Comment #4637 by Rich M. was hilarious and made my day! Apparently, the NFL is investigating allegations of piped in crowd noise. They should investigate their refs or give them seeing eye dogs, too!

  11. The officiating was awful. At one point I felt like Tommy Heinson during that Celts game a few years back when he lost his mind with the refs, “THESE GUYS AHHHH RE-DICULOUS!!!!’
    Thankfully the good guys won, despite the Colts trying to cheat by messing with Bill’s headset and pumping in crowd-noise. I think and investigation is needed. If it’s true, a 1st rounder and a 500,000 fine is in order. No?

  12. I know there was a lot of fishy things going on yesterday. Maybe the NFL Competition Committee should look into it… oh wait.

    My dad was telling me a story about when Don Shula was the head of the Competition Committee. “They (Dolphins) were almost never penalized,” he said, “no one wants to piss off the boss.”

  13. CBS says the crowd noise thing was their fault. Obviously a conspiracy with CBS the NFL and the Colts… 😉

  14. Yeah, ya know. 😀

  15. Hey Ernie, is it true that CBS stands for a Colts Belligerent Spell? 😉

  16. Like Mikey Adams says, “Bill Polian is a turd.” 😀

  17. Hey Ernie, is it true that CBS stands for a Colts Belligerent Spell

    I think it stands for Colts Beaten, So-there! 😉

  18. It was a crappy game, but at least the Pats had a higher score when the clock ran out.

  19. The officiating was awful. I only saw the first half, but the two pass interference calls on the Patriots CBs were missed calls. Too bad the Colts couldn’t capitalize. For me, the scary thing about that game was this: the Colts did everything I they needed to do to win, and they still lost. Addai had a monster game. Maroney did not run wild. Brady got popped in the mouth and the defense picked him off twice. And until 8:58 in the 4th, Moss and Company were kept in front of the safeties. The Pats were checked until 9 minutes in the game, and Brady just exploded. That’s the sign of an unbelievable QB and a disciplined team.

    I think the Colts are better than they were last year, but this Pats team is better than any of their three Super Bowl winners. I wish Favre would have got his wish and Moss would have been signed by Green Bay.

  20. Hi Ernie,
    CBS stands for a “Colts Belligerent Spell” or the “Colts Beaten, So-there” is the humor relief we needed to watch this Colts game!

    My husband and I skipped the third quarter because we did not want see another repeat of last season’s AFC Championship Game.

  21. Travis, you have to read what Mike Felger wrote yesterday about how eerily similar the final stats were.

  22. Mike Felger wrote a excellent article, yet the bad calls most likely affected the Patriots offensive and defensive plays until the last 9 minutes. Fortunately, the Patriots overcame the adversity of the bad calls in the end.

    “There is no excuse for the Pats losing 40 yards of field position when Ellis Hobbs did absolutely nothing wrong covering Reggie Wayne on a deep ball in the second quarter, but, again, that call is made routinely across the NFL. And it stinks for the game.” – Mike Felger

    Perhaps, Bad calls like this may routinely occur across the NFL, but what are the odds that the same player gets tagged for the same bad pass interference call in two different CBS (Colt Bucking Shame :D) games at the RCA dome?

  23. oyun indir

    it was a very stressful game, i thought my husband was gonna have a heartattack and our new tv was gonna suffer the consequences.

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