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Revs advance to Super Cup

New England’s winning syndrome extends to our very own soccer team. New England Revolution won tonight’s playoff game to advance to the MLS Cup which is sort of like the Super Bowl, only it’s a cup. It’s the Super Cup.

I tried watching some of the game but I only caught the last five minutes. Yawn. I mean, I was excited to see them win but the sport itself… yawn. Can someone tell me why the game clock ticks up? I also noticed the difficulty fans had in chanting “Let’s Go Revolution.” It sure doesn’t have the same rhythm of the “Let’s Go Red Sox.” Now, that’s a chant.

Congrats, Revs. I might actually watch a game or two, you know, because the players are cute. 😉




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  1. hey!
    Just came over from the Boston Bloggers group on NaBloPoMo (god typing that is getting super annoying).

    Anyway- I love the pats and was wondering if I would be able to convert to Footballtarianism 🙂

    Have a relaxing bye week.

  2. Footballatarism is always accepting new converts. 😀

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