Dear Jerk

Dear Jerk,

Today, at some point between noon and 1 p.m., you parked your car next to mine. You left soon thereafter and I know this because in the process of pulling out of the parking space, you took off my passenger side mirror. Thank you!

At the moment, I’m not sure if you are a neighbor or just a visitor, but nonetheless, that is some impressive reckless driving. How were you able to gain enough velocity to completely knock off the mirror? I mean, you were just pulling out of a parking space.

Just so you know, the infinite power of duct tape came to the rescue and my mirror was saved. Nothing says class like a duct-taped mirror.

Since I will probably never know who you are, the best I can hope for is that your mirror is messed up as well.


Hate always,

6 thoughts on “Dear Jerk

  1. I love when they do that. I parked my car on the street for a weekend last month and noticed that I was missing about 6 inches of paint on Monday. No note was left.

    This will be funny if you figure out who did it. Make sure you use something heavy and blunt.

  2. Posted on 16 Nov 2007 at 7:06 pm#3Joe Drinker
    Or, your car may be like mine…it always knows if it’s a three-paycheck month or when I have a bonus coming.

    That is so funny. I feel ya on that. I just paid $427 on my truck that I just purchased two months ago. Unfortunately the water pump isn’t covered under the drivetrain warranty those bastards.

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