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Friday Five again

Last week, I answered a Friday Five for the first time in three years. This week, I am again strained for something to write about so I thought I’d answer it again, but all the questions are lamer than lame. So, commenter John Squires put some questions in that are much better, so I thought I’d answer those instead. Here goes nothing…

1. What have you just added to your DVD collection? I really don’t have a DVD collection. I’m just not a movie person, but my dad just bought Spider Man 3.

2. How much time a week do you spend online? Way too much. Just at work alone I spend at least five to six hours a day online.

3. What would you miss most if you were shipwrecked on a desert island? Internet. 😀

4. What’s your earliest memory? No one ever believes me when I tell them but I can remember being in my crib as a toddler.

5. Are you a morning person or an evening person? Neither. I’m an afternoon person.


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  1. What about things like toilet paper, food and water?
    and hey, why are the steelers so important to have a countdown? are you going?

  2. Nah, it’s just the last “big” game of the regular season. I had to get the Colts countdown off there but I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m considering a change to the Jets game.

  3. Ha ha! You answered my questions! If you want, I’ll set some more again next week!!!

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