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Angela’s Annual “Christmas Sucks” Post

Is it just me or has Christmas started way too early this year? I was at the mall the day after Halloween when I saw workers putting up Christmas decorations. Today at work (thanks to Thanksgiving – ha ha – I had to work today), my boss had the radio on the most wretched station ever – Oldies 103. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Oldies 103 has switched to its ALL CHRISTMAS, ALL THE TIME format. I think I heard six or seven different renditions of “White Christmas” today. Thank goodness I don’t work in a knife store or else things could have turned dire.

Just call me Ebenezer Scrooge – I hate Christmas. No, I don’t hate Christmas itself. I hate the carols, the commercials, the mall, the traffic, the cards. It doesn’t help that green and red are two of my least favorite colors.

I think Christmas was officially ruined for me when I spent two years working at Sears Portrait Studio. Unlike the rest of the world, portrait studios start their Christmas season in August. Yes, August. People like to get their kids’ Christmas portraits all ready for Christmas card time. Even the person with the most Christmas cheer would be ready to hang themselves after FIVE FULL MONTHS OF CHRISTMAS.

And Christmastime at the portrait studio didn’t just mean extra business – it meant me spending eight hours a day in a camera room that’s probably not much bigger than a jail cell. Impatient children waiting hours for their turn would run wild through the place while their parents screamed at them not to get their little outfits dirty. Hell! Pure Hell!

Since then, I’ve hated Christmas. I just wish we could spend the holiday in Disney World like last year (minus the whole apartment getting burglarized thing, of course).


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  1. Maureen Vellucci

    you are a riot Angela…I’m from Malden Ma. and I know what your saying about all the crazy hoopla that is the holiday…from thanksgiving on.. your obliged to recognize each and every carol about ten times a day..Santa’s everywhere and those stupid decorations..the worst is people you haden’t a thought of buying a gift for.. saying they have a little something for you. grrrrrr…bah humbug…I always get sick around this time because it all becomes too much for me…and I won’t even comment on 103.s carols that must have started in October…I love the day with family but the time leading up to it…that’s too much

  2. Malden represent!

    If only I could go back to a time when I believed a fat stranger would come to my house and bring me a ton of toys for no other reason than I was well-behaved for the year, and even if I wasn’t, toys still arrived.

  3. Ang

    Oh I am with you. After working in retail and having to listen to Christmas music for 3-4 months nonstop, I can’t stand it for one second. And the rabid crowds, ugh. SO glad that is behind me.

  4. I like Christmas itself but I can’t stand all the stuff involved with it. The stores changing over on Nov 1st, all the junk you have to do, lights, cards, presents, etc etc etc. For me, it’s not fun, it’s just work. I don’t even really get to enjoy the day itself because I have to drive all over 1/2 of MA. My Wife says I’m kind of a grinch. I like Thanksgiving better. Oh well. 😀

  5. Ang, (great name by the way) I think the music is the worst! I’ll like it for an hour max and then after that, I want to bang my head on the wall until I pass out so I no longer have to listen to it.

    Ernie, Thanksgiving is better – there’s three football games on. 😀

  6. Allison

    Amen. I just quit because another Christmas would involve several months of intensive therapy.

  7. Finally I could not agree with you more ! it not christmas thats tyhe problem!!!! its everything else.. v funny

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