Around the NFL in the time it takes for me to drink a cup of coffee

I’m running slightly late for work today (what else is new) but I place full blame on NBC for snatching the Patriots game and forcing me to stay up late. I have just enough time to enjoy one last cup of coffee and discuss a little bit of NFL goodness.

Browns vs. Ravens
It’s a good thing the officials got it right on the “most controversial” call of the season when they correctly called Kicker Phil Dawson’s late fourth quarter field goal good. If you didn’t see it, the tying field goal bounced off the upright, over the crossbar and bounced off the holder-upper thingy to fly back onto the field. If the officials determined the kick was no good, I can guarantee you, on every field goal next week, you would see coaches sending players into the end zone to bounce balls back over the crossbar a la volleyball.

Colts vs. Chiefs
What the heck is wrong with Adam Vinatieri? Having watched him for years, I can tell something just ain’t right. Coach Tony Dungy is adamant that Adam isn’t injured but what other explanation is there? Did he just wake up one morning and decide to suck? Doubtful. Adam just doesn’t miss in a dome. I also hated that look on Peyton’s face in the fourth quarter yesterday. You know, the “Adam-better-make-this-FG-or-else-he’s-dead-to-me” look.

Jacksonville vs. San Diego
I didn’t see this game but you know what really sucks? If the season ended today, the 6-4 Browns would be bumped from the playoffs because the 5-5 Chargers would win the AFC West and secure their spot. That just sucks. It’s highly possible an 8-8 team is going to bump a 10-6 team out of this year’s playoffs. I did see highlights of when Maurice Jones-Drew pwned Shawne Merriman though. Awesome.

Jets vs. Pittsburgh
Like a fish in a net, Pittsburgh succumbs to the trap game.

Dallas vs. Washington
I just don’t know why no one (besides me) has noticed how crappy the Dallas center is at shotgun snapping. QB Tony Romo seems to be grabbing them from way over his head every time, now that he’s learned how to grab them of course. It only makes me think higher of Tony Romo for adjusting to it. He just makes it look easy. He makes everything look easy. I’m impressed.

Patriots vs. Buffalo
Is James Sanders awesome or what? I remember reading an article a few years ago about how Sanders would shadow Rodney Harrison, constantly ask for critique, spend a lot of time studying… it’s paid off. Right now I think he is one of the best pure tacklers on the team. He’s made some great open field tackles and rarely does one get away. All I can say is Sayonara, Eugene Wilson. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.

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  1. It is surprising and ironical to watch Adam Vinatieri go from Clutch Kicking for the Patriots to Crutch Kicking for the Colts!

    Seems like Automatic Adam has shifted kicking gears for Manning?

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