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Baby, it’s cold inside

My office is without heat – again. Yesterday, it was a frigid wasteland of old newspapers and dusty boxes of photos and not even my high blood pressure could warm me. I always say I’d rather be cold than hot, which is true, but not when I’m sitting nearly motionless at a desk for 12 hours.

One of my bosses has a saying, “It’s your job,” whenever I complain about anything at work. He didn’t take kindly to me using the expression yesterday in regards to keeping the office at a comfortable temperature.

Today, I’m going into work prepared. I’ve got on a tank top, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, winter coat, two pairs of socks and if all else fails, I’m bringing in a blanket. I’m as prepared as a Packers fan headed to a December match-up at Lambeau Field. I was almost going to ask my dad to borrow his old US Airways ramp suit – completely weatherproof and can keep one warm in temperatures as low as 50 below zero, but that might be overkill.


Around the NFL in the time it takes for me to drink a cup of coffee


I wonder if they pound their chests, too


  1. its is getting cold… i have my house set at 60 hoping that will keep the gas bill down this year… layer is the best thing you can do.

    Cant wait for the Steelers to beat the Patriots! I hope we dont loss to Miami 😉

  2. Oh it’s on! 😀 Like London Bridge, Big Ben is falling down! How’d ya like that? I just made it up. It’s only slightly lame.

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