I wonder if they pound their chests, too

My site has been experiencing a bit of downtime lately, which I’ll let slide thanks to the normally exceptional service I have gotten from my host. It just ticked me off today because I’ve had so much on my mind that I’ve wanted to write about – like the fact that Jets fans’ assholeism has been officially chronicled in the nation’s largest newspaper. During each halftime, male Jets fans line a pedestrian ramp at Giants Stadium and yell at women walking by to expose their boobs. Classy.

I’m not going to sit here on my high horse and proclaim that such behavior NEVER EVER occurs anywhere else, especially at my beloved team’s home in Foxboro because I know that’s crap. My dad has told me stories about the old days at Schaeffer Stadium when my mom would accompany him to games. Not even remotely as organized but sickening nonetheless.

I know how horrible it feels to be walking by such a primordial behavior. I witnessed a similar incident, although on a MUCH smaller scale one year in Salem on Halloween. Some ugly oaf with a camera and a few of his buddies were goading female revelers to flash them. The longer they stood there, the more their “cause” picked up steam with fellow pigheads and soon there was a group of 20 or so harassing any girl that walked by. Not one girl gave in to their requests, thankfully.

The only thing more appalling than the fans’ behavior is that guards allow it due to “free speech laws,” (I didn’t realize sexual harassment was free speech) but if women oblige to the requests, they can face indecency laws. And don’t even tell me that a group this large couldn’t easily turn into something far more serious. Human beings work in mysterious ways when that mob mentality takes over.

What can the NFL do? They don’t exactly have a stellar record in terms of preventing sexual harassment. Hell, it’s still a boy’s club and a bunch of pigheaded morons like these let girl fans like me know about it all the time. For the record, I am far from easily-offended. In fact, it takes a lot to offend me. But something like this is unacceptable. I find it an affront to everything I have enjoyed for a long time. It’s as if the male fans are trying to take back what they deem is theirs.

But really, the most unusual aspect of the whole thing is that it is confined to Jets games and the same behavior doesn’t happen during Giants games.

All I can say is I am thankful that the Kraft family has, for the most part, cleaned up Gillette Stadium so that I can attend a game and not have to worry about something like this.

2 thoughts on “I wonder if they pound their chests, too

  1. “…Salem on Halloween… Not one girl gave in to their requests, thankfully.”

    Not one gave in? You must live in bizarro world. Halloween rolls around every year and I marvel at the audicity of the young women each year. Costumes keep approaching bikini status. This year, I went to a Halloween party and most were in French Maids or “police women” costumes and none of them were wearing underwear (nor did they care that everyone could see gine).

    On one hand, I’m 24 and I can’t complain too much about it. On the other hand, I’ve only been a big city dweller for 6 years; the first 18 were in the boonies. To me, it’s still culture shock.

    I blame MTV 😀

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