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Patriots-Eagles: yay!

Jerry Holbert Eagles Cartoon

It’s nearly 8 o’clock and tonight the Eagles come to our house. My sister is going to be freezing her butt off tonight at the game. Look for her on TV.

The Patriots don’t play the Eagles often but when they do, it sometimes stirs some family trouble. You see, I have some family in Philly and they are huge Eagles fans.

My late great uncle in Philadelphia owned a catering business that served many of the luxury boxes at the old Vet. One year when the Patriots went to Philadelphia, my dad went to the game.

“The fans were brutal to us,” my dad said regarding the treatment he received while sitting in the stands. They were pretty mean, that is, until my uncle had a bunch of food sent down to the stands for my dad, tuxedoed servers and all. “You should have seen everyone’s faces when they saw the waiters. They didn’t know what to think. They didn’t know if we were famous or something.” Of course, the Philly fans made peace with my dad and uncle when they shared all of the catered food with everyone in their vicinity.

And more recently, after the Patriots defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl 39, my grandmother called my Philadelphia aunt who said, “What, are you calling to rub it in?” My grandmother, not even knowing about the Super Bowl replied, “Huh?”

So tonight we’ll be seeing the Eagles again, sans McNabb, for the first time since that Super Bowl. Go Patriots – the AFC East Divisional Champs!


Survival of the unfittest


Hello [Expletive] [Expletive], they won the [Expletive] [Expletive] game [Expletive]


  1. THIS GAME IS STRESSING ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!111oneoneone!

  2. ha ha I know! We’ve been spoiled this year big time.

  3. What a game. I’m sure you were squirming a bit weren’t you Angela?

    I almost placed a bet on the game for Philadelphia… I wish I would have. I didn’t think they had a shot to beat the Pats but with a 22 point spread, it seemed like a safe bet. If I only would have gotten home sooner!!!

    Had a feeling the Pats wouldn’t win by 23+… DAMN!

  4. I have family in philly- they are huge eagles fans too! They are totally brutal…but also totally fair weathered. I feel bad for eagles fans…last nights game was a good one though!

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