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Hello [Expletive] [Expletive], they won the [Expletive] [Expletive] game [Expletive]

What the eff is the matter with some of you people?! And you call yourselves fans?! Have you even watched a Patriots game prior to this season?! Judging by some of your reactions to last night’s game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, I’m assuming you haven’t.

I read some comments by Patriots fans about how horrible of a game it was. Did they not remember the last time we faced AJ Feeley – you know, the game they kept showing highlights of last night – you know, the one where the Patriots lost in the last three minutes – you know, the one where Brady threw a whopper interception – you know, the one where the Patriots played a team that had a brand-spankin’ new coach for that very game and had only won two games prior?

What about the AFC Championship last season when they Pats blew a mammoth lead after the half? That was a horrible game (unless of course, you are a Colts fan making that one of the best games ever).

Was I watching a different game than everyone else?

My God, we have become one spoiled rotten bunch of whiny babies. Yes, Patriots Nation. The truth hurts. We have lost our way. We have forgotten how Adam Vinatieri made a name for himself, and we have forgotten the raw emotion of a game that runs four full quarters.

Sure, the Patriots weren’t playing their “A” game but the Eagles sure as heck were. Believe it or not, that wasn’t putrid play by our team but stellar play by the opponent.

With the sole exception being the Randy Moss pass interference call, I don’t even think my dad and I yelled in last night’s game.

And spare me the whole “now we know how to beat the Patriots” crap because we don’t. The Patriots still won. Did I miss something here? Isn’t this the same conversation that was floating around after the Indy game?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in some surreal alternate universe where everyone is stupid. Oh wait…


Patriots-Eagles: yay!


Sean Taylor


  1. This season has made me soft. I forgot what high-blood pressure felt like..
    I have to give credit to the Eagles though. They played a great game but thankfully The Pats came out on top. Asante’s interceptions were huge.

  2. tj

    asante sumual is soo overrated. they will crash and burn in the playoffs with their ultra over aggressive defense they play.

  3. You just gotta love the bangwagon fans, they swear they know everything about a team they just started liking…

  4. Ernie, I was listening to WEEI yesterday and these morons were calling in as if the Patriots had lost. It was driving me crazy.

    TJ, last year, I thought Asante was overrated. I thought he was an asshole for sitting out of camp. Then this year, he’s proven himself. If you honestly think he is overrated, then I find it hard to believe you have watched any Patriots games.

    No shit, Dame. Get this, a guy my dad knows who claims to be the world’s biggest Patriots fan asked him what the “91” on their helmets meant!

  5. I hate EEI. The only time I listen is when Coach B is on on Mon afternoon. When I want to listen to sports radio, which is rarely, I usually listen to Felger on ESPN 890. He usually has one of the Patriots Football Weekly guys on. Although he can get irritating too but at least it’s not a continuous shouting match between a bunch of morons.

  6. Oh yea, your a huge fan when you don’t know what the 91 stand for. R.I.P Marquise Hill and Sean Taylor (he’s not a patriot, but still)

  7. tj

    OK, AS is having a good year. He has made great plays this year, but he is so aggressive and I think he can be beat by good WR’s such as he will face in the playoffs. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. He’s already faced T.O., Chad Johnson and Reggie Wayne and he practices each week against Randy Moss. Who is he going to see in the playoffs, Jacksonville’s Ernest Wilford?

    I’m not saying Samuel is the best ever, but he does deserve a little credit and I don’t think he’s overrated.

  9. AMEN!

    I almost slapped someone I work with yesterday bc he was being such a whiny bastard. It was finally a GOOD game.
    Thank god we won though… it would have ruined my week.

  10. It’s weird, I wasn’t really concerned if they lost. It’s almost as if I felt they were due. I know that’s heresy but I couldn’t help it.

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