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NFL Network

Thank goodness I have NFL Network because this Cowboys-Packers game is a goodie.

There’s been some rumbling in the past few days leading up to this game about the NFL bogarting games and how un-frickin-fair it is that everyone is being deprived a great game. As if it’s the NFL’s fault. Everyone’s pissed at the NFL. Boo-frickin-hoo.

How come no one seemed to care about games being aired exclusively on NFL Network last season? Oh yeah, because NFL Network was standard with Comcast’s digital cable last season. Then, Comcast decided to cash in and make a little extra bank on the network – made it a special package. Now, instead of just getting the NFL Network standard, we have to pay an extra $5 or something bucks a month for the sports tier package. As if we are going to even spend five minutes watching the high school sports network or the college sports network or even the NBA Network. It’s like being told if you want HBO you have to pay for Showtime, too. My point is, how come no one’s angry at Comcast? Why is all this recent rumbling directed toward the NFL?

Games are the NFL’s product. Why can’t they exclusively air a game or too? And when this game was scheduled, did anyone really realize how big it would be? I don’t know.

What I do know is tomorrow is November 30, meaning the last day of NaBloPoMo and this post qualifies as #29. Almost done!

I just noticed, you can watch the game live online at NFL Live (albeit, about 20 seconds behind but not bad). How frickin’ cool! That means on nights when my boyfriend fights for the TV, I can still watch! I hope they do this again! Maybe for Monday night games too.






  1. Some of us are pissed because we can’t get NFL Network at all. I have Charter, and I paid the extra $5/month for the sports package specifically for NFLNet; I could care less about anything else they were offering. Then, one morning two years ago, it disappeared with no warning. The reason was that NFLNet refused to provide the channel unless Charter put it on basic cable for some astronomical price. Two years later, I still don’t have NFLNet. I want it, and I can’t get it. And it’s not entirely Charter’s fault, because they were offering it to me at an extra fee (which I was happy to pay), and then the NFL told them that wasn’t good enough. As much as I hate Charter, I really don’t want to deal with satellite, so I have no NFL Network.

    People cared last season, but it wasn’t as many people, and besides, the games were generally terrible. You’re just hearing about it more now because of this Packers/Cowboys game. And NFL Live is OK, but it’s not the same as actually being able to watch an entire game, without missing out on key plays because three guys who I really don’t care about are blathering on or they’re showing some TO montage.

  2. I think the NFL tried to strong arm the cable companies when they started offering games only on their network, thinking there would be this huge uproar and that people would be banging on cable companies doors to get the NFL Network. I think the NFL thought all these cable co’s were just going to roll over for them. It didn’t happen and it looks like that plan pretty much blew up in the NFL’s face.

    I read somewhere the NFL Network loses more money than NFL Europe did. The NFL should soften it’s stance on $$$$$$ and maybe cable companies will be more willing to listen. NFL Network is not even an option where I am. 😛

  3. mad-knits

    we pay the extra $$ for the NFL network, and is it just me or have they recently started commenting and having shows about college football, now i know there are a lot people out there that follow college football but I & hubby dont and could care less. If i’m paying for PRO football network i better get PRO football news/games/highlights. its pissing me off!!
    anyway were talking about watching the Packers/Cowboy game last nite, but somehow we ended up getting that Rock Band game and played for like 5 hours straight, game is soooo addictive!

  4. Yikes, sorry Ernie & Steve. 🙁 I didn’t know. I was in a little close-minded mood last night I guess. But you gotta admit, NFL Live is still pretty cool.

    Mad-knits, my dad and I have been bitching about the College Now program for the last couple months! When I get home from work and we have dinner, we start talking football and we want to watch NFL Network and every night at 6 o’clock they have that stupid College Now show right when we want to watch Total Access or something.

  5. NFL Live is cool, but not when it’s your only option. The stream cuts out, the picture is tough to see at times, and the filler content is occasionally painful. I don’t want to watch people talking about the game, I just want to watch the game, you know? It’s only slightly better than my usual out-of-market combination of GameCenter and Rotoworld (to find out what happened when someone mysteriously disappears from the stats).

    If they weren’t going to be rebroadcasting the Week 17 game against the Giants on channel 5, I’d probably be having a coronary right now.

  6. Well, Steve, you are more than welcome to come over to my house and watch NFL Network whenever you like! Ernie too.

    I think they have to air the Giants game on Channel 5 due to their own home market rules, right?

  7. Yeah, that’s the reason. Of course, I don’t know if that applies to people outside of channel 5’s reach. Like Providence, Maine, etc.

  8. I heard the guys on WEEI talking about how New Hampshire, Maine, etc weren’t shit-outta-luck. Not sure about Connecticut though, they might get NY stations.

  9. gambit

    You shouldnt be fighting for the TV with your BF, he can always watch his shows on Lifetime and Oxygen, I think they are like some networks like FX and repeat their airings dont they?

  10. To be honest, I really don’t care if I get the NFL Network or not and if I did get it I probably wouldn’t watch it that much anyway.

    Thankfully the Pats / Giants game is on WCVB (Channel 5) in Boston. Otherwise I would be flipping out. I don’t know about other N.E. cities like Providence, etc. That would fully suck if those areas could not see the game.

  11. Providence must be able to get coverage of the game. They’re closer to Gillette than Boston.

  12. I called up Comcast yesterday morning just to get NFL Network for last night’s game. Turned out to be a good deal, $4 a month. Woulda been perfect if the Packers had beaten those damn Cowboys.

  13. The Pack didn’t do too shabby with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. They got some shitty calls too – not as flagrant as the Patriots-Colts game though.

  14. It’s cool that they at least offer the game live online for people who don’t have access to the NFL Network. I guess I’m not enough of a sports fan to even know if it’s available here or how much extra it would be. I think I’ve heard it advertised by my local cable company so it’s probably available if I want to pay an extra fee.

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