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This does not look good…

What the

I could sit here and complain about how miserable my commute to work will be in the morning or how I can’t seem to find my ice scraper/brush from last winter. Actually, I’m a little bit excited about the arrival of winter because it gives me an opportunity to wear the brand spankin’ new coat I dumped a boatload of cash on…

too expensive

The photo doesn’t show that there is also a nice Patriots logo on the back as well. To know me is to know I will spend my money on just about anything with a Patriots logo. I am an NFL marketer’s dream. My dad and I joke that we’d probably buy a piece of dog poo if it had a Patriots logo on it. I mean, c’mon, have you seen our shrine?

My obsession runs so deep, I’m trying to fight off the urge to switch to Bank of America primarily for “Patriots Checking.” But the thought of having a Patriots logo on my debit card is more than I can resist.

Checks with a Patriots logo on them

Must. fight. urge. 🙁 Stupid Bank of America and its alluring checks.




The only conspiracy is how people this stupid are able to function in society


  1. mad-knits

    hubby & i are soooo totally getting that debit card!

  2. jon

    You guys crushed us last night! I’m totally devastated. But, we’ll see you next year and you know what? You’ll probably crush us again! LOL 😀

  3. mad-knits, I drive past this medical supply store and they sell scrubs with Patriots logos on it. So help me, I want those scrubs so bad it hurts!

    jon, I wouldn’t say the Patriots crushed the Ravens. They just outlasted them. I was really impressed with Kyle Boller. Billick should’ve started him a lot sooner.

  4. jon

    Angela, Billick is a jerk. Who breaks up a winning SuperBowl team?! We were awesome, at the most he should have made a few changes to the offense because our defense was the best since the old Chicago Bears and GBPs.


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