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The only conspiracy is how people this stupid are able to function in society

These anti-Patriot arguments are getting more absurd by the week. John Tomase tries to cut through the bullshit in this morning’s Herald. I mean, c’mon folks. This is getting retarded.

Monday night’s Patriots-Baltimore game was a good one, exactly the networks want – down to the wire. In a situation like that, there is no other QB I’d want guiding my offense than Tommy Brady.

The Patriots’ final drive was extended by a Ravens’ untimely timeout (ha ha), and a few penalties. Now, some Ravens players and misguided fans assume that the officials were instructed by the NFL itself to throw flags in the Patriots’ favor. WHAT?!

In his story, John Tomase makes a great point much better than I could: “It takes a real grassy knoll theorist to believe the NFL is instructing its referees to rule in the Patriots’ favor. Let’s not forget that just a month ago the Pats were on the opposite end of the flag disparity against the Colts, hit with 10 penalties for 146 yards against just four for 25 for Indy.”

Listen, you are more than welcome to hate the Patriots. Hell, I remember how much I hated the Broncos in the late 90s. That’s just how the NFL is. But this is just getting lame.

And now I must try and figure out a way to get to work because half of the street my office is located on blew up this morning. I swear, this time, I’m not exaggerating. It really blew up.


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  1. Holy crap that tanker story is horrendous!! I feel so bad for all those people that had their homes destroyed! terrible. 🙁

  2. mad-knits

    that was a tragedy and before I left for work they were saying that excessive speed might have contributed to the incident!! if its true that just makes my blood boil. putting those people out of the homes in the middle of winter right before the holidays!!

  3. It’s freaky here. There’s like 20 helicopters flying over and our cheapy office radio keeps picking up radio signals of firefighters. Traffic is non-existent though because they shut down the whole street and people are heeding the warnings.

  4. Unbelievable your office is still open.. Obviously you work in Hell.. Say hi to Satan for me. 😉

  5. @Ernie – Ha ha ha

    @Angela – I was actually sticking up for your Pats yesterday. A bunch of my friends were cursing the whole team because the Ravens didn’t beat them. And don’t get it twisted and think these ppl were Ravens fan because they weren’t… I mean seriously… Why do people feel the absolute NEED to hate on good teams?

    I just don’t get it!

  6. I knew you were smart, Bush. 😀 I remember years ago when my dad and I would talk about what it would be like for the Patriots to be really good. I mean, even when we first started winning Super Bowls, everyone just assumed they were overachieving. But now, this ain’t cool. I don’t care if people hate the Patriots but these conspiracy theories are so mind-bendingly stupid that it’s driving me mad.

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