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Go Pats

My boyfriend had to go out of town this week which means I didn’t have to go to his family’s Christmas party today. Three years in a row! Worst. Girlfriend. Evah. But it works out perfectly because today’s Patriots-Steelers matchup looks to be a doosie and I don’t want to miss a second of it. I don’t have much else to say at the moment. Felt I had to write something.

Go Pats!


Great moments in shit talk history


Obligatory Monday morning blog post


  1. A doosie? I didn’t see or listen to the game but a 34-13 decimation (I mean win) by the Pats hardly seems like it turned out to be “a doosie” to me.

  2. Well, it didn’t turn out that way but it was supposed to be. 😀

  3. It looks like they took care of business. It was nice to see Tom Brady talk $#!t to Anthony Smith even after he got sandwiched in the endzone. Only thing is…I lost a little respect when he showed up to the press conference is the Gissele-inspired outfit…that coat in particular. Only a little though.

  4. Yeah, that coat was nothing in comparison to the velour blazer he was wearing a few weeks ago. Daper.

  5. chickenburgers

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  6. Wow. Haven’t been called that in a while. One more comment like that and you all of yours will be deleted.

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