Obligatory Monday morning blog post

It’s not work I’m dreading today – it’s the commute. More specifically, it’s the thought of ice skating to my car and having to chisel through a thick sheet of ice just to get the door open that has me in a tizzy this morning. I’m no Nancy Kerrigan and I’m anything but graceful on the ice. So you can see why I’m milking my morning and taking me sweet old time to get ready. 😀

At least when I’m enduring the morning, I’ll have fond memories of yesterday’s Patriots game to keep me occupied.

Smith gets smoked like a fine Cuban cigar

At the beginning of the year, long before 12-0, before the Colts game, before anything, my dad said that he felt Pittsburgh was the most dangerous threat to the Patriots. It was all about the defense, he explained.

It felt close until the third quarter and it was smooth sailing from there on.

Now, it’s time for the Jets. Oh, the Jets. It seems like an eternity since Week One. I cannot wait.

Other NFL tidbits on my mind…

* The Patriots almost lose and they look “vulnerable”. The Cowboys almost lose and they look “thrilling”. I don’t get it.

* Could L.T. be anymore of an asshole? He stomped away from Philip Rivers complete with a big baby pout on his face. He’s your teammate. Support him.

* The contingent of Jets Gate D fans may be continuing their quest for sexual harassment perfection, but the only thing that will be exposed next week is how many points the Patriots can possibly score against their team. They’re going DOWN!

6 thoughts on “Obligatory Monday morning blog post

  1. That toss to Moss/fumble lateral to Brady pass TD made me drop my jaw (and almost my baby whom I was holding). It was beautiful. Congrats as always on the win.

  2. So glad to have afternoon games back!! Those night games were wearing me out!

    The Pats D is getting back to it’s old self at just the right time. The 4 and out they put on Pitt in the 4th was stupendous.

    This Jets game is going to be ridiculous. I saw the end of the Jets / Browns game and Mangini looked completely demoralized standing there in the rain.

    Good to see Romeo has the Browns in position to get into the playoffs.

  3. You’re just jealous cuz you wanna be showing your tata’s for the fans too! Admit eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  4. The Pats just continue to roll. I have never seen one team dominate its league like the Pats have done this year, and I’m talking about any sport – not just football. The Bulls team that won 72 games was not as dominate as the Pats in ’07. At this point, anyone who talks smack against the Pats is asking to have their head handed to them. By no means am I a New England fan, but I admire the way they have attacked this season.

    I also agree with your take on Tomlinson. Even though he and Rivers deny that anything is amiss, it was obvious that Tomlinson was giving the cold shoulder to his teammate. I like #21’s game, but with each passing year he seems like a big baby instead of a mature leader.

  5. Bush, you don’t even know! For a minute, I thought it was a screen to Randy and he was going to be clobbered for a loss. Then Brady got the ball back and had what felt like an eternity to throw. I fell over! Luckily you didn’t drop the baby!

    Ernie, I know exactly what shot of Mangini you are talking about. I almost felt bad. Almost. 😉

    Gambit, I don’t have daddy issues. 😀

    Travis, thank heavens I’m not alone in noticing the big baby LT has become! I forget where I read this but someone wrote that if it was TO or Randy Moss that stomped away from the QB like that, the media would be jumping all over it. I think he’s frustrated but it still doesn’t excuse behavior like that.

    Steve, “”It’s silly,” said Fred Willbourgh, 40, of Plainfield, NJ, disappointed by the large police presence. “It’s all good clean fun.”” – is he friggin serious?

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