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Pats-Jets: I won’t be there

let it snow

Would you believe that my dad and I were offered tickets to today’s Patriots game and turned them down? Believe it.

As much as I love the Patriots, and as much as I hate the Jets, and as much as I’d love to see the Patriots stomp the Jets in N’oreaster Bowl ’07, there are two things I hate more than anything: Cold and Wet. Throw in my third most hated thing – monster traffic – and we would have the creation of a super unhappy Angela. My dad and I estimated that to make the game on time in these weather conditions, we would have had to leave at 8 a.m. We’d try to enjoy the game while freezing rain poured over our heads and then we’d endure another five hours to get home. This might sound like New England heresy, but no thank you.


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Pro Bowl ’08


  1. You know, I’d give my left arm for tickets to a Packers game in GB sometime in late December. But to be perfectly honest, I think that’d be one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences where after you go through it once, you’re kinda done with it 🙂 So don’t feel bad, you’re not alone in hating the cold, wet, and large crowds!

  2. I think the weather is why my dad’s friend was so willing to hand over tickets to the game.

  3. Snow and cold? Maybe for a Colts-Pats game / AFC championship. But that cold, frozen rain yesterday sucked big time! No way I’d sit in the stands through that! Tough to get myself out to shovel and put down salt. Happy to watch from my couch. I would have done the same as you did.

    BTW, when I went to the Browns game w/ Barry of TellHimFred, we left at 8 am, that was good weather. You likley would have had to leave around 6am.

  4. The only reason I even set foot outside Sunday was when a cop was going up and down the street telling everyone if we didn’t move our cars to make way for the snowplow, they’d be towed.

  5. Up until this year, the only games I have ever been to have been cold (Dec or Jan) or snow / bad weather games. Like you said, this is the time of year people don’t seem to want their tickets so badly 😉

    I was at the ‘snow fireworks’ game vs Miami a few years ago, the one where Bruschi got the TD INT to seal the game. That was a blast. I find that long underwear, a pre-game bowl of chili and homemade booze will make you forget all about the cold 😉

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