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Lots and Lots of Patriots in the Pro Bowl

If I’m reading this correctly, there are quite a few Pats going to Hawaii:

Randy Moss
Matt Light
Logan Mankins
Dan Koppen
Tom Brady
Vince Wilfork
Mike Vrabel
Asante Samuel

Holy Shit! Awesome!

Washington’s Sean Taylor was selected posthumously to the NFC starting roster. That’s really cool.

Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor was snubbed again this year. Poor guy.

Overall, an awesome day for Patriots fans.


Pro Bowl ’08


Pondering 16-0


  1. You know, I didn’t take time to say it over “at my place”, but thanks for the nod of sorts to Sean Taylor. You know I’m a Skins fan, and besides being the best player on the team, he recently had a kid and from all accounts really was making her first in his life. As a newer dad myself, it just sucks (he was a young guy too) and I think it’s a really cool thing for the NFL to do (putting him in the Pro Bowl this year) though honestly I think he would’ve made it anyway!

  2. Jonathan

    I can’t believe Wes Welker was snubbed!!!

  3. The death of Sean Taylor really hit me hard last month. Of course, I am a Patriots fan first but I’m an NFL fan second. I voted for him in the fan voting.

  4. Yeah, I think Welker should’ve gotten a spot but with eight Patriots players going, I can’t complain. There were other players snubbed too like Fred Taylor.

  5. jon

    I’m jealous, of course, but I wish you guys the best! Next year we’ll be waiting for you with a different game! In the mean time go NEP!!

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