I can’t say it enough – this game is insane!

I see a little bit of that Miami Hurricane bad boy persona still resides inside Vince Wilfork. I like Brandon Jacobs a lot, please don’t poke his eyes out. I joked to my dad, someone needs to tell Jacobs that when someone goes to poke your eyes, you’re supposed to put your hand up a la Curly. But seriously, that wasn’t cool.

My boyfriend wonders if a little of Peyton’s swagger rubbed off on Eli on that last Giants drive of the half because that might have been the best I’ve seen of Eli all year. Wow! That’s what is so crazy about Eli – one week he looks like Ryan Leaf and the next he looks like Peyton.

Well, at least the networks are getting what they didn’t pay for. 😉 This is a good game.

C’mon Pats! Down by 5…