9 thoughts on “Ok, I’m going to puke now

  1. …..did the Pats play lastnight?

    I have to say. I’m impressed with the Giants. Not because of the close game, but over the past 2 months we’ve seen teams playing in “their Superbowl” and totally lose their minds when it became apparent that they were going to lose. Teams were SO desperate to beat the Pats and when they found they couldn’t do it they totally lost their composure, like a child throwing a temper tantrum, ugly thing to watch.

    None of that from the Giants though. Sure it wasn’t exactly “their Superbowl” as they are going to the playoffs next week but still a nice change of pace from the usual crying that goes on when the Pats beat some team.

  2. There wasn’t much crying, but some as Plaxico claimed in his post-game press conference that the officials were out to get him. He was mostly complaining about the non-call in the end zone in which interference could have easily been called on him as much as Hobbs. I’ve seen bad officiating *cough cough Colts game cough cough* and that wasn’t the worst.

    But the Giants played a great game. I like the Giants. I consider them my NFC team, mostly out of sheer convenience since every Giants game is on TV here. I love Brandon Jacobs and want to ring Eli’s neck. If they can play like that again, they should easily defeat Tampa. IF

  3. Hey old friend!

    After watching that badass game last night…I made it a point to come check out your site as I knew you would be PUMPED!

    Congrats on having such an awesome team!

    Hope all is well and have a safe New Year:)


  4. cheaters never win… well i guess they do in football… 😉

    They are a good team so they would have won with or without “cheating”.

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