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I don’t know about your thoughts, but as a Patriots fan, I’ve been through pre-Super Bowl hype four times and I never remember it being as maniacal as it is this year. Between walking boots, book pre-orders, predictions, marriage proposals – it’s really too much for even a hardened fan like me to take. I just want them to play the freakin’ game already!

Maybe it has to do with playing a team from the biggest city in the nation, one with a gajillion and one media outlets churning out the hype at record pace. But at the same time, I don’t ever remember hype like this for the almost perennial meetings between the Red Sox and Yankees in ALCS’s. I’m too little to remember the ’86 World Series against the Mets and my dad’s too old to remember enough to tell me any stories.

More than anything, I think it has to do with the miserable two-week build-up to the game. Thank goodness the wait is almost over!

This morning, I noticed three Patriots have updated their journals. Kevin Faulk discusses the excitement of playing in the Super Bowl. Mike Vrabel expounds upon the New York-Boston rivalry as well as his respect for Coach Belichick. Dan Koppen expresses his appreciation for Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels. Needless to say, the player journals, although rarely updated, are some of my favorite things to ever read.


Oh man, I feel like it will never arrive!

Pats vs. G-Men: REMATCH!

After an incredible NFC Championship, the New York Giants will face the Patriots in Super Bowl 42. I guess I should start by saying I like the Giants. In fact, they are my team in the NFC. As anyone here will tell you, we get all their games on TV and there are many old timers in these parts that are die-hard Giants’ fans. My grandfather, for example, was a huge Giants fan. If you want to watch a football game at 4 p.m., chances are you’ll have the Giants. There’s a lot of history between the two teams, especially since they used to scrimmage back in the days when the Pats held their training camp at Bryant College.

Some of the greatest games in Giants history had Coach Belichick on their sideline such as Super Bowl XXV. Meanwhile, Coach Coughlin was at his side, coaching wide receivers. At the same time, current Pats coach Pepper Johnson was playing linebacker for the G-Men. Most importantly regarding Super Bowl XXV, as a sixth grader I got a night of no homework in my math class for correctly predicting the Giants over the Bills. On the preceding Friday morning, our entire class wrote our predictions and prayed for our choice. Of course, this was pre-football-nut-Angela and it was more of a lucky guess than thoughtful analysis but no homework is no homework especially when it’s math. Under those circumstances, it also marked the first Super Bowl in which I had a vested interest.

That said, it was a little bittersweet to see the Giants win last night. I was trying to root for the Packers, not just for my old buddy Goob but because if the Patriots were able to defeat them in the Super Bowl, they’d have defeated almost all of the top teams of the 2007 season thus making 19-0 that much more significant (not that 19-0 wouldn’t be significant, but you get the idea).

But anyway, betcha a lot of analysts are eating crow this week after criticizing Tom Coughlin for playing all his starters in the Week 17 Patriots-Giants match up.

So, it should be a fun two weeks and, if that Week 17 contest was any indication, it should be a really exciting Super Bowl. Plus, New Yorkers really know how to have fun. For example:


The Morning Show on Q104.3 in New York have printable Bridget Moynahan masks for fans to try and distract Tom Brady. I don’t know if they’ll work though, to me, it kind of looks like Courtney Cox. I’m patiently awaiting a response from the Boston Herald. Surely, they’ll come up with something to counter, Oreo Cookie masks maybe? 😉

18-0 and Super Bowl Bound


I’m speechless! I’m thrilled! Larry Maroney came through! More later. Stay tuned. 😀

Hopelessly devoted

Super Bowl 38 Celebration
Angela and friends celebrate a Patriots victory over Carolina in Super Bowl 38

I really have to apologize to those that have happened to stumble upon my site in recent weeks. I’ve noticed that my site has become almost entirely devoted to Patriots devotion. 😉 I’ve just been so wrapped up in my boys that I haven’t spent much time on anything else. It’s to the point that I even dream about football – I’ve had three dreams about the AFC Championship in the last week. I kid not.

I place full blame on my dad for turning me into such a nut years ago. He’s expressed this type of undying fanhood for nearly 50 years. NFL Network and the countless sports websites only add to my obsession, making constant information available 24/7.

I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. My boyfriend has accepted my endless devotion to my team. And it’s not as if this season has left me down in the dumps. It’s been pure joy for months. With the exceptions of Spygate and the tragic death of Marquise Hill, I’ve experienced nothing but sheer joy since April. I’ll be driving down the street in the car and a song will pop on the radio that reminds me of the Patriots and I’ll just smile. Yep, I’ll be cruising down the street looking like some doped up retard with a huge grin on my face. That’s the life of a fan worshiping an undefeated team.

After the Patriots acquired Randy Moss, my elated dad said to me, “Ang, I don’t see the Patriots losing this year.” Wowza, it’s slowly coming true!

Now, I’m a little more than 12 hours away from watching my team hopefully defeat the San Diego Chargers and go back to the Super Bowl. I’m overflowing with excitement! Every time I think about tomorrow afternoon I get butterflies in my stomach. I’ve got that puke-ish feeling again. Gah….

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