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The man, the hoodie, the legend

All the talk can be put to rest. The majority of AP voters chose Bill Belichick as the NFL Coach of the Year. Some didn’t want to vote for Belichick and that’s their option as one of the privileged few with a vote.

Other choices for the award included, and rightfully so, Jacksonville’s Jack Del Rio who made some WHOPPER coaching decisions this year, most notably dumping Byron Leftwich, and Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy who took the youngest team in the NFL and made them a Super Bowl contender. Our old pal Romeo Crennel also garnered some consideration after the dramatic turn-around of his Browns – and you probably know how I feel about them not making the playoffs.

And if the Patriots did lose to the Giants, I’d say that any of those coaches should have gotten the nod. You know, the old rationale that the coach with less that did more should earn the award. But 16-0 was considered impossible. My dad always would tell me, after week 10 always pick the winless team to win and the undefeated team to lose. That’s just how it worked. Not this year.

My dad, the genius armchair GM who correctly predicted Randy Moss would come to New England long before anyone else, is CONVINCED of a new conspiracy theory. I know I heard Boomer Esiason joking about this earlier in the year – my dad thinks Belichick intentionally orchestrated Spy-gate. He insists that there is no other explanation for Belichick’s flagrant videotaping. He believes that Belichick knew the type of talent the team had this year and that in order to keep everyone focused he needed to place probably the biggest chip any team has ever had on its collective shoulder – “Everyone thinks you are cheaters.”

Sure, it’s a stretch but it’s more believable than, let’s say, theorists who believe man never traveled to the moon, right?

Congrats, Bill! You’re always my Coach of the Year.


Ok, I’m going to puke now


Vince gets fined


  1. Jay

    Well, his season is perfect so why wouldn’t he get it? I’m sure Moss, Brady and others will get some awards too!


  2. Rob

    I’m sure he will get some awards for his success as a coach. Tom Brady has got to be up there for an award too, particularly after passing Peyton Manning’s record this season.

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