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Hey, Jacksonville!

I’ll admit it! I’m on the Jacksonville Jaguars bandwagon. I absolutely LOVE Maurice Jones-Drew and his thunder thighs and Fred Taylor who can actually say “I get no respect” and mean it. The Jaguars defense is downright mean. Paul Spicer? Scary. John Henderson? The biggest mofo I have ever seen. What’s not to like about David Garrard, a guy who looks like he is truly enjoying what he does? But will they come here and win? Anything can happen but it’s unlikely.

I’m clearly no NFL scout but what I saw Saturday night was Pittsburgh forcing a running game on a well-prepared defense. Note, in the second half, the Steelers zipped down the field with short passes. Hello, Wes Welker! That short passing game that supplements for a rushing attack can also help ease the relentless pass rush.

I also wonder if Belichick will switch over to some kind of 4-3 to help contain the two-headed rushing monster? That’s the only area that gives me a tinge of concern. In Bill We Trust and anyone that thinks Bill won’t have the team ready for that challenge clearly hasn’t watched many Patriots games this season.

Saturday can’t come soon enough. Longest. Week. Ever.


Go Titans




  1. Jax is definitely the toughest of the 3 possible opponents we could have potentially faced.

  2. Yeah, Tennessee and Pittsburgh weren’t merely hobbling into the playoffs, they were crawling. Valiant efforts by both teams.

  3. I need to stop watching NESN in the morning before work. They’ve built the Jags up into a monster and it’s got me all in a state about Jax now. ACK.

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