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Don’t do it

Pete Carroll Falcons looking toward Pete Carroll for their next head coach.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Pete Carroll. Super duper nice guy, handsome, and genuine. I know he’s done a lot with his kids at USC, and I always root for the team for that sole reason. But a pro coach he does not make.

He’s nice to a fault. And in Atlanta, they need a boss, not a buddy. That team is in dire need of a major overhaul. I can’t picture Pete doing that.

I can’t imagine Lawyer Milloy as being too enthused about playing for his old coach. Which reminds me, I really miss Lawyer Milloy. 🙁




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  1. I like Carroll too but you are right that team is a mess and needs somebody to come in and crack the whip. On the flip side he is in the perfect situation at USC why would he want to leave a program like USC has for that mess in Atlanta. Not worth it.

  2. Not only that, but didn’t they just get burned horribly by a college coach who was the cream of the crop in the NCAA? What on earth makes them think that another college coach is going to turn out better?

    College coaches at top schools are too used to winning because the can stack the deck. Once they have to play in the mostly parity-based NFL, they can’t handle losing. It’s like playing Madden on Easy mode and never losing a game, thinking you’re the best Madden player ever, and then trying to play online. They lose because they actually have to play against real competition, and then they throw the controller across the room and disconnect before the game’s over. Same exact thing with college coaches in the NFL.

  3. I don’t think Carroll would burn the team like Petrino but Ernie, you are 100% right. If I was in his shoes, I’d stay in sunny Southern California. You know it’s bad when ever Bill Parcells won’t go there.

  4. I can not agree with you more Angela! Carrol’s Demeanor is just more suited for the college game. But the lure of the NFL is so tempting to even the coach with the best college jobs. For the simple fact its the pros and its the top of that profession’s food chain. I think the Atlanta players would eat Carroll up and spit him out right back into the college ranks. So Pete don’t do it!!!!

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