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Happy Playoffs!

The All Patriots Christmas Tree

Happy Playoffs! I’m doing my best to wait patiently for tonight’s game – an hour to go – but this is torture. My stomach is in knots and I can’t sit still! I just baked frickin cookies, if that’s any indication of my restlessness (Don’t worry, hell didn’t freeze over – it’s premade cookie dough).

Aside from baking premade cookie dough, I’ve also been watching the Packers-Seahawks game. I knew after ten seconds that this was going to be a wacky one. Glad to see Deion Branch living up to his huge contract… oh… right. I just knew Green Bay was going to blow the Seahawks back to Seattle. I mean, just in the time I’ve been typing this post, Green Bay has scored three times.

Anyway, the Patriots inactive list for tonight has been released:

QB Matt Gutierrez (3rd quarterback)
S Eugene Wilson
DB Antwain Spann
RB Kyle Eckel
S Ray Ventrone
OL Wesley Britt
OL Billy Yates
DL Rashad Moore

I just hope Troy Brown is able to contribute in some way tonight.

This anxiety is killing me!

C’mon, Pats!


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  1. Douglas

    And why did we give them a free TD. I think it should have been challanged. This is going to be a long game. Heck, I would have eaten the cookie dough. Lets hope for a better second half! No comment on the field goal.

  2. Thank goodness that TD didn’t hurt. 😀 Go Pats!

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