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Angela’s incoherent thoughts on what was the 2008 NFL Divisional Round

I don’t think I need to tell you that I had a good weekend. Saturday, awesome. Today, awesome. I don’t even know where to begin!

Actually, yes I do. I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and David Garrard. What a classy game! No pushing, shoving, screaming, etc. Normally, after an emotional playoff game like that, I usually end up disliking the opponent. Not this time. Jacksonville, you won me over. Now go get that AFC South division in ’08!

I was anticipating a Patriots victory on Saturday night, but I wasn’t expecting this:

boo fucking hoo

Indianapolis loses to San Diego, 28-24.

My dad and I watched the game this afternoon. He was rooting for the Colts (“I want to beat the best next week”) and I was indifferent. I didn’t want the Colts to win but, as I’ve made it known in the past, I hate the Chargers.

I guess Marvin Harrison wasn’t as lethal upon his return as the sports media said he would be.

But, a lot of Pats fans are quick to call it the biggest choke EVER, which, I mean, c’mon guys, let’s be real here.

Ignore my incoherence, I’m really tired tonight. I would’ve written this earlier if my WEBSITE WASN’T DOWN for the quadrillionth time. 🙁

Overall, I’m thrilled to have a second shot at San Diego. I’m also thrilled that the one team I thought was going to pose the biggest challenge to the Patriots is now going home and planning its offseason.

Believe me or not but I had a gut feeling the Giants would pull out a victory. I dozed off for a good part of the Cowboys-Giants game.

I’ve been so tired today, I wonder if I’m getting sick?


Happy Playoffs!


Cuz I need to post something :)


  1. Ah the old “Peyton Manning Face”. It’s still around. Ha ha.

    Surprised to see the Giants win but the way they are playing it should be a good game in Green Bay next week.

    GO PATS! 🙂

  2. I really thought that Colts playoff curse had been axed last year. Guess not. So much for resting players.

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