I don’t know about your thoughts, but as a Patriots fan, I’ve been through pre-Super Bowl hype four times and I never remember it being as maniacal as it is this year. Between walking boots, book pre-orders, predictions, marriage proposals – it’s really too much for even a hardened fan like me to take. I just want them to play the freakin’ game already!

Maybe it has to do with playing a team from the biggest city in the nation, one with a gajillion and one media outlets churning out the hype at record pace. But at the same time, I don’t ever remember hype like this for the almost perennial meetings between the Red Sox and Yankees in ALCS’s. I’m too little to remember the ’86 World Series against the Mets and my dad’s too old to remember enough to tell me any stories.

More than anything, I think it has to do with the miserable two-week build-up to the game. Thank goodness the wait is almost over!

This morning, I noticed three Patriots have updated their NFLPlayers.com journals. Kevin Faulk discusses the excitement of playing in the Super Bowl. Mike Vrabel expounds upon the New York-Boston rivalry as well as his respect for Coach Belichick. Dan Koppen expresses his appreciation for Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels. Needless to say, the player journals, although rarely updated, are some of my favorite things to ever read.

4 thoughts on “Hyped

  1. I think the 18-0 thing is making it worse this year. But you are right. This year does seem to be over-the-top even for Superbowl hype.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t even think of that. Sometimes, the fact that the Patriots are 18-0 is so stunning to me, I kind of forget about it, if that makes any sense.

  3. I’m hyped 2! My son is so excited. We are pulling hard for the Pats. I have quite a few bets out on it as well.

    Go Pats!!!!

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