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Month: February 2008

Kevin Faulk enjoys the high life

Ya know, sometimes we all just want to kick back and toke up a joint or two (or four) while groovin’ at a Little Wa… pardon me… Lil’ Wayne concert. Hell, after enduring Super Bowl 42, I wanted to down a bottle of Valium with a gallon of Grey Goose. So, can we really blame Kevin Faulk (or as I like to call him, “the little bastard that could”) for wanting to puff a little wacky tobaccy? I mean, it’s not as if he was punching his wife or something.

Love ya, Kev!

I gots coping skills

It’s been a long and miserable week for me since you-know-what. I’ve had a difficult time coping with the end of not only the dream of a perfect season but football in general. I’ve had to refocus my life and find something new to do.

You see, that’s the hardest part of all this. It’s not just the agonizing pain of failure, it’s trying to find something to do with myself while avoiding any mention of my beloved boys. I can no longer spend hours on end browsing I can’t bring myself to listen to WEEI (no offense to the Celtics, but I’m not that interested). And no, I do not care that a truck loaded with baseball equipment just left Fenway Park for Ft. Myers. Perhaps the worst part of it all, I no longer have something to keep myself distracted while at work! Heaven, help me!

But things aren’t all bad. We finally moved into the new office (with heat!) and I’ve had just a barrel of laughs watching my boss spend FIVE HOURS on the phone with Dell tech support trying to figure out why our server was incessantly buzzing. He tried to pawn that task off on me but I’m not idiot. I’ve also finally gotten around to teaching myself to knit. Pink scarfs for everyone!

My dad and I also decided that we are going to drive out to Canton for Andre Tippett’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. Why the heck not? It’s been nearly seven years since we visited the, as we call it, oh hallowed grounds. Anyone wanna come?

Now, how long is it until training camp? Oh yeah… don’t remind me.

18-1 *sigh*

They survived Spygate, Run-It-Up-Gate, and 16-0-Gate, but they couldn’t survive the Giants’ pass rush. To say I’m crushed would be an understatement. 🙁

The Giants earned this one. They deserve it.

18 and oh geez: Super Bowl 42 set to begin

What a year! It all comes down to this moment…

From the acquisition of Randy Moss, the tragic loss of Marquise Hill, to Spygate. I endured a treacherous commute to see my team kick off training camp. That seems like a million years ago – 18 victories later.

I always wonder how the players are able to get ready for a game as big as this one. I’m sitting here, ready to barf from anxiety, ready to explode from impatience, and ready to faint when I start to think how big this game really is for my team. I assume that they’re able to stay relatively calm because the game is in their hands.

As a Patriots fan, I just feel so blessed, my eyes water.

I can’t even keep coherent thoughts, I’m too excited.

The age old male-female debate: can a girl be a fan

A while back, I received an awesome email from Heather about the perils of being a female sports fan in a man world. The email itself was great, but when I started to think about all the flack I have received in the past for being a girl fan, I got angry.

I’d like to quickly dispel two myths regarding girl fans:

MYTH 1: Girls only like football because the players are attractive. Would you find a 320lb Nose Tackle in spandex pants attractive?

MYTH 2: Girls only pretend to like football to impress the opposite sex. I’m sure there are some women that will feign interest in football to hook the guy, but really, if that’s their only selling point, they’re going to be in some serious trouble as the relationship progresses.

Last Friday, I was interviewed by WCVB’s “Chronicle” about the joys and drawbacks of being a blogging female Patriots fan (Check it out tonight at 7:30 if you’re in the area 😀 ). During the interview, I was asked various questions like how I felt about pink hats (hate ’em), who’s my favorite player (Rodney), and what type of response I receive on this website from male fans. And ya know, I think I’ve been really lucky to have some great visitors to this website. Ernie and Bush and even Jet’s fan Gambit have never really questioned my fanhood due to my gender.

I really don’t see why it matters if a girl likes football, but to some pig-heads it does. For example, one evening a few years back, I tried to interject when I overheard a bunch of guys talking about how talented then-Dolphin Jay Fielder was. Yeah, see what I mean? Anyway, I told them that I thought Miami was crazy for keeping Jay Fielder over Damon Huard and that I thought even then-Dolphin Brian Griese would do a better job. Instead of asking me why I felt that way, Jerk #1 asked me, and I quote, “Oh yeah? Tell me, how many players are on the field at one time?” Now, you tell me – what does that have to do with Jay Fielder’s ineptitude!?

Even the intern accompanying the “Chronicle” crew (I’m sorry, I can’t remember her name) told me of times she was asked stupid questions – like “Do you know what a quarterback is?” – by guys who didn’t believe she was a genuine Patriots fan.

Face it, boys. Women are infiltrating your ranks, and heck, some of us even know more than you. As recently as 2006, a WOMEN, won Patriots Fan of the Year. According to a recent survey by Scarborough Sports Marketing, 21.5 percent of women in Boston claim to be Patriots fans. Of course, Boston is no match for Pittsburgh which boasts 34 percent of women who bleed black and gold, but female Patriots fans are only growing in numbers.

Since I began watching football in ’94, I have noticed a change in the perception of a female fan. I haven’t been asked a stupid question about football for the purpose of proving myself in years and I can only hope it continues to change to the point that it no longer matters.

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