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The age old male-female debate: can a girl be a fan

A while back, I received an awesome email from Heather about the perils of being a female sports fan in a man world. The email itself was great, but when I started to think about all the flack I have received in the past for being a girl fan, I got angry.

I’d like to quickly dispel two myths regarding girl fans:

MYTH 1: Girls only like football because the players are attractive. Would you find a 320lb Nose Tackle in spandex pants attractive?

MYTH 2: Girls only pretend to like football to impress the opposite sex. I’m sure there are some women that will feign interest in football to hook the guy, but really, if that’s their only selling point, they’re going to be in some serious trouble as the relationship progresses.

Last Friday, I was interviewed by WCVB’s “Chronicle” about the joys and drawbacks of being a blogging female Patriots fan (Check it out tonight at 7:30 if you’re in the area 😀 ). During the interview, I was asked various questions like how I felt about pink hats (hate ’em), who’s my favorite player (Rodney), and what type of response I receive on this website from male fans. And ya know, I think I’ve been really lucky to have some great visitors to this website. Ernie and Bush and even Jet’s fan Gambit have never really questioned my fanhood due to my gender.

I really don’t see why it matters if a girl likes football, but to some pig-heads it does. For example, one evening a few years back, I tried to interject when I overheard a bunch of guys talking about how talented then-Dolphin Jay Fielder was. Yeah, see what I mean? Anyway, I told them that I thought Miami was crazy for keeping Jay Fielder over Damon Huard and that I thought even then-Dolphin Brian Griese would do a better job. Instead of asking me why I felt that way, Jerk #1 asked me, and I quote, “Oh yeah? Tell me, how many players are on the field at one time?” Now, you tell me – what does that have to do with Jay Fielder’s ineptitude!?

Even the intern accompanying the “Chronicle” crew (I’m sorry, I can’t remember her name) told me of times she was asked stupid questions – like “Do you know what a quarterback is?” – by guys who didn’t believe she was a genuine Patriots fan.

Face it, boys. Women are infiltrating your ranks, and heck, some of us even know more than you. As recently as 2006, a WOMEN, won Patriots Fan of the Year. According to a recent survey by Scarborough Sports Marketing, 21.5 percent of women in Boston claim to be Patriots fans. Of course, Boston is no match for Pittsburgh which boasts 34 percent of women who bleed black and gold, but female Patriots fans are only growing in numbers.

Since I began watching football in ’94, I have noticed a change in the perception of a female fan. I haven’t been asked a stupid question about football for the purpose of proving myself in years and I can only hope it continues to change to the point that it no longer matters.




18 and oh geez: Super Bowl 42 set to begin


  1. AMEN!
    Seriously. I got into a serious brawl with a guy at a playoff game a few years back because he kept asking me stupid questions to test my sports knowledge. I think he asked me about 20 questions before he would give it up….

    My boyfriend just sat there and shook his head saying, “You’re gonna loose buddy…. you’re gonna loose”.


  2. Nathan

    Female sports “fan”. Unless you’re totally butch, it’s a contradiction of terms. I see you at the Red Sox and Patriots games. You are FAIR WEATHER FANS!!! If Boston teams were as bad as Kansas City teams- I would be anything- that there would be 90% less female “fans”. You are the definition of bandwagon. Whenever we are in a bar watching games and the supposed female “fans” are also in there, it’s amazing how little they pay attention to the game. You’re typical women- no different than any other women. You show up with your Sox or Pats shirts and hats but sit there and talk about: Clothes, hair, makeup, shopping, and gossip about the other women in the bar. Funny how when a semi-attractive woman walks by, all of your envious eyes divert from the game on t.v. and stare and scowl at the woman. Get off your high horse. You are what taints the true nature and meaning of sports. I’m sick and tired of sports having to cater to and pander to you quasi-fans. Also tired of know-it-all women interjecting their silly and undeveloped opions of the game, into conversations with men. Shut up! How many men interrupt your trivial girl conversations, claiming to know or relate to what you’re blabbering about? Zero- unless they’re gay. All you care about is the gossip: who’s dating who, what is Tom Brady wearing, blah blah blah. So instead of taking and wasting the seats at games (like children do), why not let a man who is a true LIFE-LONG FAN, buy the ticket!

  3. Nathan

    As far as a WOMAN winning the Patriots Fan of the Year Award. Nice joke. That is simply an example of sports catering to women and trying to make them feel included. It’s a token gesture. It reflects American society as a whole. During the game when us MEN have to watch jewelry, shopping, and Desperate Housewives commercials- who do you think they are trying to pander to? It’s all about money because and attracting a larger fan base (women). Because as I’ve heard MANY women say, “I love the commercials during football games”. You all have the loyalty and mentality of children.

  4. Penelope

    Don’t feed the trolls! Seriously. We may get pissed off during the minute it takes us to read through these two wonderfully persuasive “women = children” arguments – but this guy has to be himself for the rest of his life. Joke’s on you, troll.

    Have you ever considered not, um, hating women? Radical, I know. And I don’t just mean stifling your hatred long enough to have sex with us. Think about it! It’s hard to get through life when 50% of the people around you enrage you to the point where you’re calling them names on sports blogs.

  5. I present to you all, EXHIBIT A of the kind of pig-heads girl fans are confronted with. Thanks, Nathan for proving my point. I think much of that kind of attitude has to do with other – we’ll call them – “inadequacies” that lead them to feel a much stronger desire to preserve all things they deem “male.”

  6. phil

    boo hoo the big baby cant get aticket for the pats game. nathan probably cant afford one any ways so stop complaining about who goes to the games. he should be happy that people are there cheering on the pats no matter who they are. so maybe if he spends more time trying to save up money for a ticket then typing stupid nonsense on the internet he will get his sorry ass to a game then he can prove to every one how much of a fan he is . oh ya an when a semi attractive girl walks by i don’t think the other girls watching the game are scowling at her, they are probably laughing watching him try to pick her up… and fail.

  7. Jonathan

    Nathan, your probably the typical “bandwagon” fan that goes to the Jets games just to see boobies. Now think about that one. If it wasn’t for all of those so called fans you probably would of saw your last set of boobies at around 12 years old when your mother stopped breastfeeding you.

  8. Tim

    Cool! Do you have a link to your interview?

  9. Dang I wish I had known about this that you were on Chronicle I would have made sure to watch! Oh well.

    Nathan you are an idiot. The end.

    GO PATS!!!!! 😀

  10. Hour and a half till kick off. GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. IMHO girl can be a great fan. My sister is more true fan than some men.

  12. JP

    Wow!! Interviewed by Chronicle … you go, girl!!

  13. 1) Nathan, whoever you are, go crawl back under that rock.

    2) Of course women can be fans! When I started dating my wife, 5 years ago, she liked the Sox and Pats, but didn’t know a whole lot about them. Now, she’s really into the Boston sports and a die-hard fan. You should’ve seen how pissed she was when they traded Arroyo a couple years ago 🙂

    Cheers to all the women sports fans out there (yes, even if you like the Giants and/or Yankees), soon you’ll outnumber a-holes like that Nathan guy.

  14. There is certainly no doubt females can be great fans and have great knowledge about sports. Face it, men. Many females even know more than you.

  15. Can we start up a discussion on the Sox vs. Rays series? LESSSTTTAAHHH!!!

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