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18 and oh geez: Super Bowl 42 set to begin

What a year! It all comes down to this moment…

From the acquisition of Randy Moss, the tragic loss of Marquise Hill, to Spygate. I endured a treacherous commute to see my team kick off training camp. That seems like a million years ago – 18 victories later.

I always wonder how the players are able to get ready for a game as big as this one. I’m sitting here, ready to barf from anxiety, ready to explode from impatience, and ready to faint when I start to think how big this game really is for my team. I assume that they’re able to stay relatively calm because the game is in their hands.

As a Patriots fan, I just feel so blessed, my eyes water.

I can’t even keep coherent thoughts, I’m too excited.


The age old male-female debate: can a girl be a fan


18-1 *sigh*


  1. It’s the start of the 4th quarter, and I’m wondering why didn’t someone tell the Pats frontline that they’re playing in the Superbowl and defending the QB might be a good idea? Seriously. Brady is getting crushed by the blitz.

  2. I now hate anything even remotely associated with NY.

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