I gots coping skills

It’s been a long and miserable week for me since you-know-what. I’ve had a difficult time coping with the end of not only the dream of a perfect season but football in general. I’ve had to refocus my life and find something new to do.

You see, that’s the hardest part of all this. It’s not just the agonizing pain of failure, it’s trying to find something to do with myself while avoiding any mention of my beloved boys. I can no longer spend hours on end browsing ESPN.com. I can’t bring myself to listen to WEEI (no offense to the Celtics, but I’m not that interested). And no, I do not care that a truck loaded with baseball equipment just left Fenway Park for Ft. Myers. Perhaps the worst part of it all, I no longer have something to keep myself distracted while at work! Heaven, help me!

But things aren’t all bad. We finally moved into the new office (with heat!) and I’ve had just a barrel of laughs watching my boss spend FIVE HOURS on the phone with Dell tech support trying to figure out why our server was incessantly buzzing. He tried to pawn that task off on me but I’m not idiot. I’ve also finally gotten around to teaching myself to knit. Pink scarfs for everyone!

My dad and I also decided that we are going to drive out to Canton for Andre Tippett’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. Why the heck not? It’s been nearly seven years since we visited the, as we call it, oh hallowed grounds. Anyone wanna come?

Now, how long is it until training camp? Oh yeah… don’t remind me.

9 thoughts on “I gots coping skills

  1. I’m in the same boat. Still trying to fully shake it off. It’s been hard to do.

    Hey that is really cool that you’re going out to see Tippett’s induction. I am so glad that he got in.

  2. Why no love for the Celts? This is one of the finest Celtic teams since the 80s when that certain legend from my home state of Indiana wore the green short-shorts. I’m hoping that KG and Ray Allen can win a title this year.

  3. I wasn’t planning on commenting but…
    5 hours on the phone with DELL support? šŸ˜
    Shouldn’t they have sent anyone there? At least you got lucky and let your boss deal with them! :))
    Have a nice trip with your dad!

  4. Good for you with the knitting! I also have avoided most media outlets and have been on a funk this week, knitting and shopping for yarn has been my distraction.

  5. It’s good to see you’re dealing with [CENSORED] the way you are. I know how you feel though. Trust me, it’s been a miserable seven years for me.

    Though, I giggled here today:
    He tried to pawn that task off on me but Iā€™m not idiot.

    I’m sorry, what? =)

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