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Kevin Faulk enjoys the high life

Ya know, sometimes we all just want to kick back and toke up a joint or two (or four) while groovin’ at a Little Wa… pardon me… Lil’ Wayne concert. Hell, after enduring Super Bowl 42, I wanted to down a bottle of Valium with a gallon of Grey Goose. So, can we really blame Kevin Faulk (or as I like to call him, “the little bastard that could”) for wanting to puff a little wacky tobaccy? I mean, it’s not as if he was punching his wife or something.

Love ya, Kev!


I gots coping skills


Ta-ta-ta-today, junior!


  1. Heck, marijuana will be legal in our lifetime. 😀

  2. other NFL players get arrested for weapons and violence, our boys get busted for pot. somehow I don’t think that the Patriots’ brass has too much of a problem with the guys partaking a bit in the offseason.

    as long as they’re not see with Ricky Williams, they should be all set.

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