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Ta-ta-ta-today, junior!

Yesterday must have been my lucky day. After letting the NFL’s top defensive free agent slip away, the Pats prevented the NFL’s top offensive free agent from being signed by Philly as well. As Mike Florio reported, the Eagles offered Randy Moss more but Randy was uneasy about leaving a place where he’s happy. And as a fan of the Patriots, I’m happy that he’s happy. I’m sure Tom Brady is happy, and I know my boyfriend’s 9-year-old son is happy since he just got a brand-spankin-new Randy Moss jersey for the Super Bowl. We’re all happy, happy, happy! And really, after the miserable month of February, it’s nice to have SOMETHING that doesn’t suck to read about.

Also, my dad does this REALLY FUNNY Randy Moss Touchdown celebration (which I was subjected to 23 times this year) and it would be a downright shame if I could only witness it for one season. In a shoddy attempt at videography, I was able to capture it once during the Indianapolis game and although it was too dark in my living room, you can still get the gist of it.

I think my dad has such a strong affinity for the receiver since he did accurately predict his arrival in September of 2006. 😀 You know he can’t ever let anyone forget about that.

So, as I sit here and raise my coffee mug, I’d like to toast Randy’s extended contract. To Randy!


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  1. For some reason I was getting really stressed about Moss not signing. Glad that deal got done! 🙂

  2. What a pretty laugh you have. I had no idea.

    I am of course referring to your father. But yours was pretty cute too I guess.

  3. Nothing tops my dad’s Randy Moss TD celebration.

  4. Hey girl… I emailed you a while back, but I’ll be out there soon!! Maybe we could grab drinks the evening I get in!!

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