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Month: April 2008

Jerod Mayo and other musings

I can’t tell you diddely-squat about Jerod Mayo, the linebacker selected by the Patriots at #10 yesterday, but I do know that if Belly likes him enough to draft him, then he must be A-OK. I’m a little surprised by the Round 3 selection of some QB kid, but again, I don’t know anything about him, even his name escapes me at the moment. At least today marks the first time I can actively look at Patriots-related stuff since you-know-what.

Also today, my boyfriend’s kid has his first little league game of the season.

Not really in the mood to drive to all the way to Woburn to sit in drizzle and have a bunch of old soccer moms (in this case, baseball) give me dirty looks for two hours but whatever. Boyfriend needs a ride up there and since I love him to bits, I’m happy to oblige.

Better late than never, right?

I finally got around to uploading my Chronicle appearance. I hope they don’t mind. I chopped it up to include only my part, so excuse the icky editing.

My favorite part is the choice of music when panning across the “Shrine.” Pure genius. They did such a great job. Even months later, I’m still honored to have been chosen.

For the record, although he is very appreciative of their time and effort, my dad is convinced the appearance helped jinx the Super Bowl. We divulged secrets, he says. We brought outsiders in, he attests.

But the weirdest part of all is when we were filming in the living room, they asked us if we had any Patriots DVDs to pop on the TV. We put in the commemorative Super Bowl 36 DVD and as they were filming us watch TV, the infamous Justin Watson, “I like our chances,” scene popped on screen. “Number One offense in the league,” Watson shrieked. My dad and I shivered. It was almost like foreshadowing. My dad swears that was the moment he knew the Patriots weren’t going to win.

Without further ado…

Da B’s

Last night, I didn’t watch as the Bruins forced a game seven against the Montreal Canadiens, but I did keep track of the score. As Ernie says, I give the Bruins no love, and he’s right. I don’t. And it’s not because I hate the team or don’t like hockey. It’s just hard for me to devote so much fan-love around the board and the Bruins are at the bottom of my list.

Joe Thornton In fact, after football, hockey is my second favorite sport to watch. Yes, even more than baseball which is great on a calm summer night but doesn’t exactly get my heart pumpin’, ya know what I mean?

I think much of my hockey apathy comes from the NHL strike a few years back or maybe I just gave up when they traded away my personal favorite, Joe Thornton.

And for the record, I always want the Bruins to win, as I do with the Celtics. They’re the hometown teams, of course. But I’m not going to bullshit about my allegiances and jump on bandwagons because I hate that crap. I’ve witnessed it with the Patriots and it makes me want to puke.

So, as the Bruins continue on their playoff journey, and the Celtics prepare to kick off their own, I wish them both luck and will cheer for them, but I’m not going to say, “I was there all along.”

Fenway Park is open for business

Four fighter jets just circled over my office, rattling all my windows and computer screen enroute to Fenway Park. Wish I was there. 🙁

ADDENDUM Jets circled again. What, are ceremonies running late?

ADDENDUM to the ADDENDUM Jets circled yet again.

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