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Jerod Mayo and other musings

27 April 2008


I can’t tell you diddely-squat about Jerod Mayo, the linebacker selected by the Patriots at #10 yesterday, but I do know that if Belly likes him enough to draft him, then he must be A-OK. I’m a little surprised by the Round 3 selection of some QB kid, but again, I don’t know anything about […]

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Better late than never, right?

21 April 2008


I finally got around to uploading my Chronicle appearance. I hope they don’t mind. I chopped it up to include only my part, so excuse the icky editing. My favorite part is the choice of music when panning across the “Shrine.” Pure genius. They did such a great job. Even months later, I’m still honored […]

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Da B’s

20 April 2008


Last night, I didn’t watch as the Bruins forced a game seven against the Montreal Canadiens, but I did keep track of the score. As Ernie says, I give the Bruins no love, and he’s right. I don’t. And it’s not because I hate the team or don’t like hockey. It’s just hard for me […]

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Fenway Park is open for business

8 April 2008


Four fighter jets just circled over my office, rattling all my windows and computer screen enroute to Fenway Park. Wish I was there. ADDENDUM Jets circled again. What, are ceremonies running late? ADDENDUM to the ADDENDUM Jets circled yet again.

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