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Fenway Park is open for business

Four fighter jets just circled over my office, rattling all my windows and computer screen enroute to Fenway Park. Wish I was there. 🙁

ADDENDUM Jets circled again. What, are ceremonies running late?

ADDENDUM to the ADDENDUM Jets circled yet again.


Ta-ta-ta-today, junior!


Da B’s


  1. Jets are cool, just not the NJ Jets.. ha 😉

  2. did the jets make any trail in the clouds?

  3. Ernie, I was thinking the same thing! ha ha ha ha ha! And for the record, they circled a fourth time. Those jets are so freakin’ cool.

  4. the sound of jets can get irritating sometimes, but if they fly in a formation then they make for an interesting view.

  5. they fly over my apartment daily..but de dont annoye me at all..just feel the feeling of flying high

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