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Jon Lester is great… an end to the CBA is not

Jon Lester

What a feel-good story. Boy beats cancer. Boy throws no-hitter at Fenway Park. For a moment, it made me happy to be alive. But only for a moment because then I remembered that the NFL owners meet today and could end the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

And this is why I think I live in a world full of idiots. Everyone is so freakin’ concerned about a freakin’ camera on the freakin’ field, they’re too freakin’ busy to take note that a potential NFL strike looms in 2011. Do you know what will happen to me if I have to go a season without football? Do you? DO YOU?! They’re too busy hatin’ on Belichick and the Patriots to realize that 2010 could be an uncapped year. Think you hate the Pats now? Just wait until Robert Kraft can spend whatever he wants.

Folks will be fondly looking back on the days when the top story was a video camera BECAUSE THERE’LL BE NO OTHER NEWS BESIDES A STRIKE!

One of these days I’m going to give myself an aneurysm.


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  1. The owners have opted out of the collective bargaining agreement. Now we can start talking about NFL labor issues. Yay. 😛

  2. Support football enthusiasts. Support football players!!!

  3. Jonathan

    Well you know the myan calendar ends in 2012 so no football in 2011 must be an omen:)

  4. I honestly think everything will work out and don’t think there will be a strike. Both parties know they have too much to lose. I am sure there will be a lot of posturing and standoffs for the press to write about, and I won’t be surprised if it comes down to the deadline, but in the end it will get done.

  5. gambitNJ69

    Why are you still talking about BeliCheat? Even tho I absolutely haaaaate the Red Sux, I have to admit.. I have a new found love recently for Schilling.. The guy rocks due to WOW

  6. I like what Kraft said about the whole thing. Why not work out a better method. Robert Kraft should run for president. He just makes everything ok.

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